what is it about the sound of “blackbird” that feels sooo good in coffeeshops. and in your car. and in your house. sometimes, when i listen to the different versions of this smooth song, i’m drawn into a thought that this song was supposed to happen. it was one of those songs that someone was supposed to write. then, blackbird is followed by macy gray or some over produced song, and i’m sure blackbird was meant to be.

some songs just feel right. they were supposed to be written. it’s as if God dropped the song from Neptune and it finally fell into someone’s minds, vocal chords, lips, and fingers. they played the song after they scratched it out on paper. and yeah, maybe they got the copyright. but it was like it was supposed to happen, like God wanted some songs to be “written” and played and listened to again and again wondering from whence the seamlessness of such beauty came.

yes, i’m a sucker for beauty, lyrics, and words that were meant to happen. and for things that make you look beyond your present existence. like the word trust…and where does trust come from, and why is it such a sweet comfort until it’s broken, and then it’s a papercut you remember any time your hand tries to reach for something new.

yes, i’m compelled by honesty. and kindness. and smiles. and love. because these are the things that endure past now. they remain with you after you experience them, and it is as if those things happened on purpose. almost like God dropped smiles from Pluto (back when he was a planet) and they fell into faces like they’re supposed to.

when something happens, it’s almost as if it is supposed to. and you can’t necessarily explain it. it’s not a formula, but sometimes it almost feels like feelings were formulated from outside of yourself.

yes, i’m meandering through thoughts, plowing through fields of understanding hoping to glean a little from the mind of God for it is in his mind that beauty, creativity, and hope live. it is in his mind that the ideas of smiles and love, yesterdays and tomorrows reside…and deep in his heart rests a passion for today. for now. for this moment. for these words. for your mind and the questions you’re asking. for the expressions that rest upon faces, and how God might even be passionate about the expressions that rest on our faces of which we are often completely unaware.

life is happening all around us and sometimes i forget life is happening to me and life is in me and that beauty, love, and hope aren’t always something that circulate around a room…they’re circulating on the inside. they exist within because recreation is continually happening within.

i’m not completely sure, but i think that maybe when we don’t force life and try to force happiness, true life is more like a meteor shower that is spectacular to watch. it’s falling from the heavens, and we stare into it hoping it doesn’t stop. it isn’t what’s happening all around us. sometimes, it is what is happening within us. and sometimes, what happens with us…well, i’m not sure. maybe it feel from the heavens.



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