268: Jesus, Louie, Class, and a Highway Conversion

I don’t matter. Funny words to start a new writing that I expect you to read. Funny for a guy who has written some 200 notes on Facebook, and has tagged people in 90% of those notes. So I apologize if I have come off to you as egotistical in any form or fashion. Because the words previously scripted…well, they are true. I don’t matter. (You can comment with your love and tell me I matter to you. I’ll take your sweet love posts. Yeah, baby!) But, really I don’t matter in the big scheme of things. Bringing fame to my name is absurd because I am only here for a few years. A guy by the named of Louie Giglio, the leader of the PASSION movement and 268 generation truly taught me this in his teaching experience “How Great Is Our God”. (If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’ll change the way you think, pray, and live.) The universe is so big, there are so many people, and our God is so great that I am insignificant. I don’t matter.

I do matter. Because sometimes, we take ourselves completely out of the process of what God is up to. We stay quiet. Because we think we can’t. We aren’t enough. We can’t do enough. There’s this verse though that I learned from watching Louie’s stuff.

“Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.” Isaiah 26:8 (hence 268)

I do matter if my life can add to making the LORD’s fame.

So I’m driving down the highway today on my way to class (which will be an 8 hour dealio full of presentations on “Interpretive Theories, Models and Methods…aren’t you jealous?) I see a guy walking on I-44 and I pick him up. His name is Reuben, 27 years old, and in the past few years has lost almost everything he loved and owned in life except for his immediate family. Which is why he was walking to Oklahoma City. Did I mention I picked him up just outside of Stroud, 45 miles outside of Tulsa? Yes, he had come from Tulsa. A cop took him from Sapulpa to Stroud and dropped him off. All together though, Reuben had been walking for six days. By the way, it was really cold outside.

So we started talking, and I wanted to share my faith because my friend Greg told me a bold story about his faith recently. And I was reading a Billy Graham autobiography last night and caught this story of when Billy Graham was early in his ministry, and he had a bold story with President Truman.  I felt like God wanted me to pick up Reuben today so that I could give him a safe trip to OKC and so that I could tell him about the new life he could have with Jesus.

So we started talking. We went back and forth. At first, Reuben was held back from wanting a relationship with God. Then I started asking him more questions. Let me take a moment to say, this might be a place where people would say, “Don’t be pushy” or “Don’t force the issue.”

Seriously though, I hold inside of me the greatest news ever known. I have forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit. So I didn’t give up on subject changes. We kept talking about Jesus.

After a while, Reuben said he wanted to be a Christian. I asked him when he wanted to become a Christian. He said, “How about today?” I said, that’s great. I called Oakcrest because by then we were on that side of OKC as I was taking him home. They said they still baptized people there, and I told them I had a friend who wanted to be dunked in the LORD.

So we went and I baptized him. Then I gave him a Bible, took him home, got his address, told him I’d see him tomorrow and went to class.

I don’t matter. You don’t matter. Yet, I do matter. You do matter. Most of all, lives matter. Jesus matters. Don’t hesitate to give a starving man food or a thirsty man water.

I’m sitting in class now listening to presentations. Yet, I think about people who don’t know you/me/and people who don’t know Christ. Come on. What’s the worst thing they’ll say? “No.”?

Jesus is too good to not share!



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