Detour and Delays

Airports run directly against my idealistic personality. For instance, I’m sitting in Denver (thank you for the free wi-fi DIA) waiting on my flight to Oklahoma City. The plan was for us to touch down in the flight from Salt Lake to Denver, let all other passengers off and then soar back through the atmosphere into Oklahoma City.
I suppose there were some flight delays or something to that effect, because I now sit in Denver waiting for my flight to OKC. See, they used our flight to return to Salt Lake City. So they told me we’ll get to go in an hour. Well, the Southwest agent at the kiosk didn’t seem too convinced telling me that, but I’ll go along with it. Not a problem for me. What am I going to do? Go crazy at the airport? I saw that happen last week in Las Vegas and I don’t cherish personal humiliation enough to make a crazed, angry idiotic stance at the airport. No thanks. “I’m just bidin’ my time, cause that’s the kind of guy I’m.”

What I’ve found in my first year out of college is that detours and delays are inevitable. I kinda had that feeling in college, but college is such utopia of friendship and commonality that I didn’t get to sidetracked in my frustrations.

So here are a couple thoughts for 2010 on expecting detours and delays.

1. Be early! (man, this one is gonna get me in trouble. I get to enjoying the conversation I’m in, task I’m doing so much that I’m often late to my next. Well, when detours and delays pop up along the way, I’m excessively late. So I encourage you to make an effort to be early on things. Tasks. Assignments. Bills. Meetings)

2. Underpromise and overdeliver. (Jeff McMillon brought this one to mind int he past year. Wow, I’ve gotten this one wrong ALOT in the past. I’m not suggesting that you curb any type of optimistic faith talk. I just know ALOT of people who overpromise and underdeliver. Do less than ever before, yet do more with your less than ever before. Maybe that’ll help.)

3. Rejoice in the LORD always, again I will say: Rejoice! Philippians 4:4 (Another tough one. I’ve found how to rejoicing always though. The key to rejoicing always is remembering you are always IN the LORD. This allows the lows to not get too low and the highs to not get too high.)



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