Music Monday

Trending topic told me today is music monday. Here is a little bit of the musical flavor my taste buds can’t ignore So let’s begin.

The Non– Thank you for starting 2010 right for us all with the symphonic silk you guys create. Listening to The Non is like taking a temporary shuttle out of your permanent existence, and discovering the universe is full of grooves that Earth itself cannot hold. I remember the first time I heard The Non, I was on a bus in Xian, China and I didn’t want to step out of the world they created. (On a personal note…Wil, you’re an even better friend than you are a musician. I didn’t know that was possible, but you’ve got it man.) They’re even cool on their Twitter…follow them here

John Mayer- Man, I’m up and down on the new cd. Thank you for mixing it up though. Some songs still catch me off guard.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys- Empire State of Mind…I can’t stop listening to this song.

Owl City- Fireflies…talk about trends. This stuff makes you happy though.

Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat- I listen to both more in the Winter than I do in the Summer which tells me that I really am a warm weather kind of guy.

Let’s here it one more time for The Non. CD release party is January 15th and 16th at the Conservatory. If I wasn’t gonna be at Winterfest, I’d be there…they’re brilliant!

I’m headed to see Sherlock Holmes tonight. What are you doing??



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