Come Home

We’re kickin’ off the New Year at 20Park with the series: COME HOME at THIRST.

I believe for a lot of people, it’s time to COME HOME. Church is family. Church is home. When we are together, we are home.

There’s this interesting thing about Jesus. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, Jesus is actively pursuing you. Jesus wants to be with you. You don’t travel from heaven to a lousy manger to a cross to a resurrection so that you can tell the world, “Try harder for grace. Get better and you can be with me.” Jesus did it because he loves us. Some people say, Jesus doesn’t care about your past. That’s ridiculous. Jesus cares so much about your past that he died on a cross for it. And he also cares that much about your present and your future.

If you can come to THIRST, please do. COME HOME. If you can’t, pray for us as we look to Jesus at the start of a new decade to do unprecedented things in our lives. COME HOME.



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