90 Days-Ask Like Crazy, Pray Like Crazy

Winterfest gave us some challenges this year. 90 challenges to be exact. (You can get them here. They are the UV-90 links.) And these aren’t the wimply challenges either. These demand consistency.

I just finished one challenge. It goes like this.

Ask your parents and siblings for one thing for which you can pray for them individually. Ask every day for 90 days.

So I did. I only faced one problem. My parents live in Idaho, and my sisters live in West Monroe, LA and Dallas, TX. So yeah, I couldn’t bump into them in the house. Then again, that might not have been a problem. It might have just made it easier because this way I could send a text or email. My dad doesn’t text so I had to email him everyday.

I don’t have the best memory in the world, so I set a place in my calendar where I would ask them. I typed it in my phone so that an alarm would go off everyday for 90 days. There were a couple days I missed along the way. I kept going though, and I finished the 90 days. I believe it made a great impact on their lives, knowing that I cared enough to ask what I could pray for them about…not just that I was praying. It also caused them to look inside of themselves and ask, “What do I need God to change in me?” or “What situation do I need help with?”

Now, I’m on another challenge. Read the Bible in 90 days. Check it. I’m a bit behind right now. I’m catching up though, and I will read it in 90 days. As one of my favorite preachers, Steven Furtick says,

“Between the promise and the payoff is the process, and the process is the point.”

It is the process that we need to focus on. That we need to go through even though it may be grueling. We come out better after we’ve gone through the process.

Put it on your fridge. On your dashboard. Remember it. Live it.

Challenge yourself to live with audacious faith. Audacious does not equal sitting around talking about audacious faith. It is about praying, reading, believing, and living it. Check it off the list.

Ask like crazy, pray like crazy. It is worth it.


One thought on “90 Days-Ask Like Crazy, Pray Like Crazy

  1. I love being challenged. Great reminder to keep being challenged by others and the Spirit and to keep growing. Keep blogging Dave!


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