I might’ve spoken too soon. Bella and Edward are on my tv right now. Yep, I’m watching the famous Vampire story. I’ve got to say, I like Bella. I can’t blame Edward for going for her.

Usually girls are moody in movies. Twilight switches that early when Bella says to Edward.

“Your mood swings are giving me whiplash.”


the baseball scene is cool.

So yeah. I’m watching it. I’m even liking it. I’m surprised by it.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “twilight

  1. Thanks Dr. Matt. Oh wait. Those are your first personal words to me after getting a Ph. D. Therefore, Dr. will NOT be used by me in regards to your name 🙂

    and Chrissy, i’m not sure on the creepy blue thing, but you’re right…it is creepy.


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