If Jesus Didn’t Exist, What Would Be Different About My Life?

If Jesus didn’t exist, what would be different about my life?

This blog is showing up because of my twitter/facebook status that got a few questions. Since I raised a question, I will try to explain the reason for the question.

Let me begin with this:

I believe in Jesus. I believe that Jesus existed and that he does exist even now. I believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

That being said, I was sitting in the upper room of Enterprise Square at View 63 during college. An older man named Lynn Anderson spoke. I remember one particular statement he made. Lynn said, “If you could prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that God does not exist, and that Jesus never came here, “I would lose my mind, my soul, and without a doubt I would lose my life.”

This statement resounded with me in such a way that I have never forgotten his words.

So I got to thinking, if Jesus didn’t exist, then what would be different about my life?

I thought about my finances. My direction. My plans. My time. My future. My family values. My morality. My life. My level of generosity. My selfishness. My heart, mind, soul. My, my, my. That’s a lot of “my”. But still the question continued,

at twenty-three years old, what would suddenly be different if Jesus didn’t exist? I guess what I’m really asking is,

“Is everything I am centered around what Jesus wants to do, or am I centering Jesus around what I want to do?”

Sometimes Jesus can just be viewed as a ticket to heaven. Just a way into eternity. Just a way out of hell. I believe the Bible teaches he is more, and I am going to keep trying to figure out how much more Jesus is. Or maybe just listen to what He says instead of trying to figure it all out myself. I’ll let ya know more as I go. How about you?


One thought on “If Jesus Didn’t Exist, What Would Be Different About My Life?

  1. I love this question. I think it’s one that some of us don’t consider often enough. I know that I would be miserable and want to die without Jesus. Thanks for reminding me. Keep blogging.


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