Your Greatest Enemy Is Your Best Friend

My parents challenged me a lot growing up. They wanted me to become responsible. When I went to restaurants, I had to tell them what I wanted even when I was four or five. I remember being shy, and not wanting to, but my parents wanted me to move past my shyness and tell the person what I wanted.

They did this with my faith, even at a young age. They nurtured me, yet they told me that I was responsible for my own faith. That I needed to have my own personal relationship with Jesus. And so they challenged me to read, pray, and see God in everything I do.

So most of my life, I learned how to do things on my own. Tie my own shoes, set my own study schedule, get my own job, do my own work to get into college. You may have had a similar experience.

Now, initiative is good. Accepting responsibility for my own choices is a must if I am going to grow in life. We all say God is in control…although God gave you and me control of our own lives. It is called free will. Now with that free will, we can give it back to God and be directed by Him and His Spirit, or we can do things our way…but you and I always have a choice of what to do in life. We also have to live with those consequences.

Well, choosing to give God the control isn’t easy, but I do believe that it is worth it. This whole giving God control runs counterintuitive to what we grew up with. Do things on your own. Be independent. You don’t need anyone. Yet, we do. Oh we do.

There are all these scriptures that talk about humility. “clothe  yourselves with humility” “be completely humble and gentle” “don’t think more of yourself than you ought to.”

I’ve been thinking about humility and my own life. Humility is my greatest enemy. I don’t want it. From my own pattern of life, I’m just not interested in humility. It means I don’t get what I want when I want it. It means that I think the needs of others might be more important than me. See, I don’t really like humility. I’ve learned this about humility though.

Practice humility unless you want to be humiliated.

Humility is tough. Humility is actually your best friend though because it cares enough to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Humility makes your relationships better. Humility makes your walk with God better. It makes you better. Which is amazing, because when you learn humility, your focus isn’t on you being better. It is on God getting the glory. And in the process of giving glory to God, you will get better.

Humility…your greatest enemy is really your best friend.


One thought on “Your Greatest Enemy Is Your Best Friend

  1. Great post Dave. I think humility is a very misunderstood concept and I completely agree with your post here. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to give God the glory for everything He accomplishes in us and through us.


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