thoughts on life, weddings, marriage, and singleness

I’m in Abilene tonight. This sleepy town is missing its college students. Or maybe, it is able to take a breath for a few moments before students take it over again. I’m here because my cousin is getting married to this girl tomorrow. It’s really cool, but my cousin and I are pretty close in age…like a year, so it is kinda crazy to see one of my best dudes from childhood on tie the knot. I’m really excited for him though because I think he got a great girl, and because this is a chance to hang out with my family. If you don’t know, I have an incredible family. Some of the most interesting people on the planet. Today, I got to spend some time with my Grandpa. I wish ALL my closest friends could meet him. He is one of my heroes, and I think everybody deserves a chance to meet him at some point.

And all this is happening in Abilene. This place holds good memories for me. I have good friends who have lived here, my sisters went to school here, and it feels good to be back here.

Today, I was thinking about how fast paced we move. I know my life is flying by, and at such a rapid rate. Here’s the thing, I had a service project with my college group planned for this weekend. I almost stayed for the service project instead of coming to see Ethan get hitched. Man, that’s crazy. I think service is huge, but sometimes, you can get going so fast that you miss your own family in the process. I just have a feeling in a few years, I’ll still be thannkful I was here. And I got to drive from Dallas to Abilene with my Mom. I really love my Mom. She offers a wise perspective in life, and she always challenges me in some way or another. I guess I’m just really thankful for moments like those I had with my Mom today because I don’t get to see her or Dad a whole lot anymore.

Weddings make for interesting talk with your extended family. Did I mention my cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents…we’re all very close, so when we get together conversation flows naturally. Anyway, wedding talk started this weekend. I think people are curious about which of us grandkids will be next. Somebody voted for a destination wedding for whoever is next. I think that’d be pretty sweet. I’d love to go to one of those. Hopefully the next will get married on the beach, or in the Grand Canyon, or on Washington’s nose on Mt. Rushmore, or China, Hawaii, or Pike’s Peak. I’d go to that wedding.

I think sometimes, it is interesting how much time is put into weddings. There is a lot of thought, work, and ca$h put into the big day. This makes sense, because this day is such a day of celebration and covenant. I just hope we all work harder for our marriages to be great than for our weddings to be great. (Even though great weddings are a plus. A key for that: make sure the grooms cake is delicious. Love me some chocolate cake.)

So engagements. Long or short? What do you think? I say short, but I haven’t been engaged before. In my mind, one, two, or three years is too long. I’ll go for six months. I’m not getting engaged to get engaged. I’m getting engaged to get married. You do whatever the heck you want though. I don’t judge you.

So, yeah. Those are some thoughts. Oh, on the engaged and married, no, there’s nothing on the horizon. I’m single. Hey, let me tell you, single is underrated. I know relationships are great. Some people even think marriage is great. But single is great too. I really dig this whole single thing. Probably not forever, but it is good now. It seems like sometimes, people want a relationship for the sake of a relationship. Usually looks pretty selfish. Usually ends in some kind of heartbreak. Claim your season of life. Live in it.

That’s about all for now. Hope you have a good Friday. Mine has been great!



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