Preachers Only: You Must Preach

You must preach. You must go. You must believe that the Word of the LORD splits hearts apart like an axe does a tree. You must believe that the Word of the LORD comforts the broken more deeply than an embrace, for it is His Word that formed us. You must impart truth, and you must speak to the calling God has placed on these precious lives. You must want for them to believe even more deeply than they want to believe. You must desire the righteous life that you desire for them to take hold of. You must speak to the glory of God, and that the only vision great enough for their life is that of living a life for God’s glory; this is the life that counts for what matters most.

You must confront them with Christ, and you must make the choice of Jesus the most clear choice they could ever make. You must announce they are loved, and love must be the texture on your words for love is of God. You must raise the expectations they have of faith by revealing the bar that Jesus set and has called us to: that we would take up our crosses daily. This cross-carrying must be proclaimed is the audacious task before us, and one that we can only carry out by the Spirit of God working in us.

You must be passionate, courageous, and unwilling to bow your kneed to any but the LORD of GLORY.

Now, you must receive the Word for yourself. YOu must believe it, for lives hang in the balance. Now, you must go and preach.



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