DATING: The Presentation

One of my mentors was talking to me about women one day. He gave me some great advice when it comes to girls. He related all things through the art of fishing. “Here’s the deal, man,” he said. “Want to know what fishing comes down to? It comes down to presentation. It is all about how you present the bait to the fish that determines whether or not you’ll reel anything in.”

What I promise to do is share wisdom I’ve learned. Some of you may say, “He’s single, he wouldn’t know.” If we had that attitude about faith, righteousness, holiness, and love…the Bible would have never been written because the people who wrote it did a pretty crummy job of implementing those principles into their life. However, the LORD still used them in their situations.

So what I would like to do is share some words about how you can save yourself from a lot of heartache and pain. From a lot of compromise and frustration. From a lot of regret and shame. I would like to address some signs that he or she might not be the one you’re looking for, although you might think he or she is the one you’re looking for. That’s what the next four days will be about. A presentation about the pitfalls of going after the wrong presentation. And hopefully, a few things you can look for that point towards the fact that he might be a guy worthy of your attention.



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