Center of Gravity

Today, I was going to write, but then what I was going to write just felt like I was serving up some synthesized reality that didn’t really get at who I am or something that could be good for anyone. I like to write, but what I’ve found is sometimes you just don’t feel like you have anything worth saying. At those points, I usually put nothing down on the page. But I heard today that writers need to write. You have to write through it. What is it? I don’t know, but it would be the thing that is attempting to keep me from writing. Let me just encourage you. Write.


Today, I was brought back to my center of gravity. This was nice because I think that striking a balance is tough a lot of time. I was just talking to one of my friends on the phone, and balance is just not something I do well at all. What is the center of gravity? It is the average location of the weight of an object. Not only that, but

the weight of every object always acts through the center of gravity.

We can quickly become confused as to our centers of gravity. By this mean, I mean what is at the center of us. Often, the reason my life can be so out of balance is that I have forgotten the reason that I do what I do. When I am searching through different reasons for why I live, my life is out of balance because I will run different choices through those reasons.

This is where I am clearly different from an object. Like a coffee mug for instance. The coffee mug doesn’t lose its center of gravity. Because the coffee mug is formed and remains in the same state that it was made.

We are not objects. We are constantly shifting, changing, postulating, and attempting to find something in the endeavors of our -ings of life.

So what is your locus? If you have not identified the thing that everything must go through, then you will continually be out of balance.

My center of gravity is found in two words from Jesus. They are very comforting, yet they also frighten me.

“Follow me.”

This is my center of gravity. This is the center of gravity for all Christians. This is how we can filter the decisions we have to make. Does this choice leave me in the balance of following Jesus, or will I be shifted out of relationship with the Lord.

It was a nice reminder today. Except that I was out of balance. Living more for me than for God never brings the satisfaction that it promises. So I’m going to try and follow Jesus, and let my thoughts, words, and actions move through the center of gravity that are Jesus words,

“Follow me.”

What is your center of gravity? Is part of your life has been running through a different “center of gravity” than the center of gravity you already chose?



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