Late Night Post

This is a special 2 AM blog edition. Mainly because I don’t see 2 AM  a whole lot of the time, and so I felt compelled to write a little bit on this here blog. Some of you are probably wondering, “How is writing this blog? He doesn’t have internet at his house.” Great point, I don’t. However, if I sit on my deck, I do. One of my neighbors has made it free for me to borrow internet as long as I’m sitting on my deck. So here are some reflections as of tonight.

*Today, Thursday begins the second day of Autumn. mmmm. I love it. I’m sitting on my deck loving these temperatures.

*I just got done working on a sermon tonight called HEALER. I’ll be preaching it this Friday night at Celebrate Recovery. I know, I know…CR is a confidential event, but I’m making the fact that I’ll be there wide open to the public. If you’re in Tulsa at Friday night at 7, come over to Park Plaza and check out a packed parking lot, then come into the room and worship God with a crowd of people set free by God, and I will preach a message that is burning in my heart. A couple thoughts that will be in the sermon that I’ve been thinking on.

*How often do we trade the supernatural for the superficial because we won’t trust God for complete healing?

*Healing is not found in an event, but in a person.

*I got a root canal today. Second one I’ve had in the last six years. The back story is that I was chewing gum on the way home from St. Louis this summer. Suddenly, I felt something crunchy. Then I realized that this crunch was becoming a smaller crunch. (This happens with Cap’n Crunch. A big crunch which dissolves into smaller crunches.) So I pulled the gum out of my mouth, and sure enough, I found part of my right bi-cuspid in the gum. Most of it actually. My tooth broke off. Sad day. Not just because I lost part of my tooth, but because I ended up having to get a root canal. Fortunately, the dentist is something like the young Albus Dumbledore of dentistry, because he performed the job and I was cleared to eat food today, and I’ve had almost zero pain all day. That’s nice 🙂

*The i AM NOW Conference is under a month away. Sometimes, I get nervous thinking about it. Mostly, I’m just excited. I think this will bless college campuses across the country. (Is the plural of campus, campi?)

*The i AM NOW Conference website is almost completely done. What a great job by the man in black on this one. Check it out here. Then forward the link to a million college students.

*Ryan Pope got me a copy of Sun Stand Still, the new book by Steven Furtick. Although I just started it, I’m really liking it. I also recommend it because Furtick preached for 24 hours straight in honor of the sun standing still for 24 hours straight. I think that’s a cool thing he did. I’m just a little jealous he got to the 24 hours of preaching before I did. By the way, Ryan Pope is a stud. That’s just so the world that reads my blog.




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