Team re-Design: The re-Painting of Walls

My living room is now a new color. Once upon a time, it was a bright gray/tan/whatchamacallit? and I didn’t love that color. I wanted something a little bit more chill. Something that would create a new atmosphere. So I met with my interior designer, Whitdactyl (as in pterodactyl), and we started talking about what could be a better feel for the living room. I had a few colors I suggested that eventually went in the unapproved category. One color was approved. Brown. Well, that’s what she said (reference to “The Office” only not used inappropriately). “It’s your house, but you want to have a nice warm feeling for the living room.”

The painting is done now. If you walk into my living room now, I’m confident you will like it. As a matter of fact, I have decided you will like it. If not, you can get out of my house. 🙂 Kidding. Well, kinda. Disrespect the house, and it will disrespect you. Love the house, and it will love you.

Here’s the thing. My living room feels completely different than it did a month ago. Even a few weeks ago. It was not a relaxful (yes, relaxful, how dare you be so snarky with your impeccable vocabulary) atmosphere. Now, it is. It will be even more so when I buy some lamps for the room.

Re-painting, re-decorating, re-illuminating…none of these seemed interesting to me. I actually don’t love doing these things. But I like the end result.

Just a little devotional thought I wanna bounce at you, roll at you, kick to you…whatever your sport it is, you tell me. Not an athlete? Oh, you’re a baker? Just a little bread I left in the oven at 375 for an hour. It has risen. This thought is ready for your consumption. Oh, you don’t bake. Let me just swing wider. I have laid down the tracks. Drums, guitar, bass, other guitar. Even a little piano. And for you, my dear reader, I’ll bring in some cello. Here it is. Ready?

If your life is a room, you may need to re-paint the walls of your life. You may not want to, but the color of your “room” may make everyone uncomfortable. You may need to re-decorate your life with memories that will last. Or you could create memories that you want to re-decorate your future with. And you may want to re-illuminate your room, because those lights are kind of bright. A softer light might go a little better. Or a brighter light.

I’m re-decorating my life right now. What a process.

Oh, one other cool thing. There was this HUGE mirror above the fireplace in mi casa. When the crew of “Team re-Design” removed that mirror, we found a wall-paper of leaves. I asked if we should remove it. The interior designer said, “Let’s just paint over it. The leaves will look really cool painted in brown.”

So true. The leaves look great. Now, my living room is an ongoing Autumn. Mmmmm, a house of change.



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