The i AM NOW Conference: Post-Thoughts

This weekend was unbelievable. Crazy intense. A blast. And to be completely real, there were some faith highs and lows for me. For instance, for months, I’ve worked on the conference with faith that God would use it in a great way. But even after hearing from so many groups that they would be coming, I was asking the question, “What if nobody shows up?” (This is because my faith is on the best day, at 80% sure. On big things like this, I want to believe so bad, but I have nerves too.) Then I was reminded by what Mitch told me, “Every person God wants to be there will be there.” That was the attitude we went into the weekend with, and God reminded me again and again of that this weekend.

Here is a recap:

*Friday night, the worship in the room kept getting louder and louder as the praise team led us deeper into the passionate love of God. My favorite song on the night was “Lord I offer my life to you”. It was beautiful.

*Marvin Phillips brought it like crazy on Friday night on i AM ETERNAL. I love how he talked about the “popcorn moments” of following God.  The Lord just gives us moments that are like popcorn. They pop up in a moment. Moments of eternity. Conversations that happen. Chances to introduce people to God.

*Brett Vanderzee in concert was terrific. Check him out here.

*Saturday morning, we prayed for missionaries globally. And we learned about what they do. And something else.

*Saturday morning, did an interview with my man, Ryan Van Deusen on missions to Ghana. The unifying bloodline of Jesus Christ unites us in all areas, especially in love and music.

*Saturday morning, Booker Murphy joined the praise team on stage, and the room was filled with joy. I can’t describe it another way. We had so much fun singing. Smiles, singing, dancing…people just having a blast praising God!

*Saturday morning, Greg Spink preached an incredible message on living outside of our minds for Jesus. A lesson on i AM AUDACIOUS, and all of that has to do with being about our Father’s business. Praying bold prayers for God to move mountains. Favorite quote was, “Love the hell out of someone.” And run the play. If you were there, you know what I’m talking about. Run the play.

*Saturday afternoon, Music/Art/Justice was just terrific. We took in the documentary One Drop from Wishing Well along with a presentation by Ryan Groves, the director of Wishing Well. Then Brianna Gaither played a show including some of the new tuners on her upcoming album. After an intermission, I was privileged to do an interview with Rebecca Daniel and Chelsea Stevens of RAVE Ministries. This moment was followed by the brilliant music of Chancey. (Their EP is on the way folks!) Finally, Peter Cariaga of Give A Goat wrapped up the afternoon by sharing on relief, development and structure in the world of justice.

*Saturday night, the praise team was leading us in a terrific fashion once again. Then Jeff McMillon brought an incredible message on i AM GLORIOUS. So challenging. So fresh. What an honor to have such a great mentor preaching on the first year of this conference. Here is just one takeaway from his message, “The point isn’t how much you were given; the point is how much you do with what you were given.”

*Sunday morning, the praise team was leading us early in the morning! A great celebration of a great weekend. I spoke on i AM NOW, and the calling God has placed on us to be his co-workers now. That we would be captivated by His story, and we would begin to let Him paint a beautiful story on the blank canvas of the rest of our lives.

*This weekend, we raised $348 dollars for Typhoon relief in the Philippines and $325 + dollars for future wells in the Philippines as we partnered with Wishing Well. We prayed a lot of prayers and wrote a lot of notes. We sang a lot and listened a lot and shared a lot.

What a terrific weekend. Even after a great night of rest, I’m still worn out from it all. Here is some of the feedback we’ve heard so far, and we give all glory to God.

“Thank you i AM NOW conference! My spirit is revived. So Awesome!!”

“The i AM NOW Conference has been truly sensational! Huge thanks to everyone who came and changed the world with us.”

“This weekend has been a BLAST…The I AM NOW conference has been UNBELIEVABLE!”

“The I AM NOW Conference we played at in Tulsa this weekend was an extraordinary success. It was such a breath of fresh air. The speakers were fantastic, the music, the community. I feel so honored to have been apart of it!”

“The conference changed my life and it probably changed many other people’s lives.”

“This completely impacted my life! Words cannot describe the freedom i have found in Christ. The knowledge gained here is immeasureable!”



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