Mix It Up

Good stories have a certain pulse to them. That pulse isn’t flatlined. It is full of new rhythms. Long pursuits, quick chase scenes, and slow sections that make you want the excitement of the pursuit or the quick chase.

One thing that a character in a good story has to do is improvise. Something goes wrong. The other party doesn’t act as the lead character anticipated. Make a move. Shift. Improvise.

If the lead character becomes more attached to how he does things than why he does them, he will remain inert in the story. Likely, he will lose.

In a movie, it would work like this. If 007 has to do things one way, then he will die. If Bond doesn’t improvise, he won’t get the girl. If he doesn’t improvise, he won’t succeed in his mission.

I think it is important to keep your eye on the target. Keep you’re values the same. Be willing to improvise.

Shake it up. The pulse of the story shouldn’t be stagnant. You probably need to shift your style when you meet resistance. And even if you lose, no one remembers the person who lived like a robot.

Shake it up.


One thought on “Mix It Up

  1. I love the line “no one remembers the person who lived like a robot”.

    Good thoughts Dave. I agree that improvisation and adjusting to the needs of the moment are crucial to succeeding in life and our relationship with God.


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