Miracle Maker

If you don’t want to be a part of the miraculous, then who exactly are you believing in?

A system of beliefs that claims that we know about and even know the God who created this world, walked on water, and raised the dead to life? Is the best Jesus you have one who simply has a Way or is He the Way, and His Way is higher than your way, my way, the highway, and the milky way? My Lord says that He infuses His believers with His Holy Spirit. My Lord invites us to join Him on the water, not in a boat but on foot. My Lord invites us to move mountains with Him(thanks for revealing the reality of this,Greg Spink). Jesus says that we live in His resurrection both now and the future. It isn’t just that He raised the dead to life. This is resurrection where He ain’t going back in the tomb. And even though we all will go to the tomb in this life, Jesus says that we don’t have to stay there for eternity. That we can join Him.

And this is His invitation to all of us. Not all the people who are perfect. To the broken, weary, and those of us who just can’t seem to get it right as hard as we may try. For those of us who fall into the same sins again and again…Jesus says that resurrection can change us. That our desires can change. That He can rearrange everything inside of us. That we are worldchangers with Him.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world has enough good teachers. Heck, in America and quite a few other countries, we hire them to amp up young minds with more and more understanding. And I’m not going to deny that Jesus was a teacher. Sure, He was. And His teaching was always on, and it was beyond any other teacher who has ever lived. But if that’s all Jesus is, I want out. If Jesus was just another voice in history, then this faith is dead and so is the Jesus who taught it.

Maybe you think that’s how the story ends. I disagree. I believe in resurrection. I believe in Jesus. And because I believe in Jesus, I believe that He is not just the God who was, but also He is the God who is. It is time to amp it up in our prayer lives. And it is time to stop being shocked when God does the miraculous, but it is time to start saying, “Yeah, we expected that because He can and He will.” And then we throw a party and celebrate what God has done.

As long as you keep an intellectual Jesus who dwells in your mind, but does not live in your heart through faith, then you are living an artificial of Christ. And you’ve been fooled. Because you think Jesus is just an intellectual activity. As if resurrection only has to do with our minds. It is us. All of us. Resurrection takes all of us, and it is time to take all of it, and start living like we believe in the miraculous.

If you don’t want to be a part of the miraculous, then who exactly are you believing in?




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