Love Is Patient

I am going to write a candid post. If you would prefer to read a blog that is sweet, check elsewhere.

I am speaking to the mopers. To the bitter. To those who have forgotten who they are. To those who think that their spirituality has nothing to do with their life, and only is some weird pie in the sky thing that means you read the Bible, pray, and go to church but it means nothing else.

Stop playing the game.

Stop blaming everyone else.

Stop acting like you’re perfect.

I know your situation is far from perfect, but it isn’t all their fault. It is time to accept responsibility for your own actions. You are better than the complaining, belittling, criticizing, half-hearted effort you have been giving.

You are a son (or) a daughter of the Most High. That is your identity. And we can say it is their fault, and I’m just treating them the way they deserve, but you know better. You know you are better. I don’t think God said, “Treat them the way they deserve.” I think Go said, “Forgive as I forgive you. Love as I love you. Give grace as I give grace to you.”

Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Don’t bury yourself in a grave of bitterness. You think you’re drinking the potion to make you feel better, but it is toxic and fatal to your soul. Don’t think you’re better than anyone else. You are not. We are all sinners. Let’s get back down on our knees and apologize for treating God’s grace the way we do. Let’s get real about His love. Let’s stop living like crazy people propelled by our vicious cycles of intolerance when the invitation we have been given is one that again and again loves us through our flaws. Don’t try to love someone to change them, love them because God chose to rearrange you from the inside out and His priorities have the highest priority in your life.

Love is patient. It isn’t weak. Love is powerful in weakness. Love is real. Love is genuine. Love is patient.



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