Pensacola Wrap Up

We are almost back to Tulsa! It has been a crazy week. 6 students and James and I hit the road Sunday at 1:30 pm. We go into Pensacola at 4:15 am.

Monday- wake up at 8:30. Start getting things for the week ready. Met with Ed Humphries their college minister (awesome dude) that morning. We helped him work on a deck at his house. I think it blessed him. We wanted to honor him and his service. I hope our work did.
Before going to his house, we hit the beach.
Monday night we ate at The Fish House-Atlas Oysters. Late night.

Tuesday- Wake up. Go to The Coffee Cup for breakfast. Soo good!
Then out to Mr. Ron’s for a service project. Spent most of the day there. I got thrown in the pool twice by James. Turns out he is stronger. I’ll be hitting the weights this week 😉
Went to the beach. Then James, Rachel and I went out and picked up people from bars and clubs.

We ended up picking up two groups from St. Louis back to back. They all go to SLU and we’re happy to have a ride for the 3 or 4 mile drive back to their house they were renting for the week. The SLU crew was awesome! Beautiful people. Intoxicated or not I could see God’s image in them. And they were hilarious…particularly Mulan. They couldn’t believe we drove to Florida to give them rides.

I know, it does seem crazy. But I think that’s where Jesus would be. That’s why we went. We didn’t preach but I hope our actions showed God’s love. I know it is kind of far fetched but maybe they’ll be able to know God for the first time or know God better through a van ride. I hope so.

I would write more, but I’m going to atop because I get kind of overwhelmed thinking about my new friends from SLU. From quick conversations on the church van, some seemed to have faith, some had lost faith, and some were struggling with their faith. I could be totally off on that. Just my perception. Anyway, I hope they saw in Jesus in our laughter. I really enjoyed being with them.

One of my friends who used to be an alcoholic told me that he wanted the SLU kids to know how good life is on the other side of the bottle.

I know it is fun when you’re drinking, but fun is not the equivalent if satisfaction. Jesus brings satisfaction. That’s one of the reasons I love Jesus.

Anyway, yeah, had a great time. More stories later. Plan on going back? Yes. It was life changing.

Praying for all my new friends from the trip. I fell in love with them all, I hope their future is only filled with the greatest love I’ve known, the love of God.


One thought on “Pensacola Wrap Up

  1. I love this David! What a fantastic service project, very creative, very needed, an excellent opportunity. Love it!


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