Start Then When?

Tonight, I am loading up in three minivans with NINE to head to Florida on the Vision Trip. I am really excited about this. The Vision Trip is all about getting a God sized vision for your life. Last year, our first Vision Trip redefined our group! Phenomenal.

Well, we are taking off tonight to head to Memphis. Can you guess what I’m thinking about? Yep, my thoughts are caught up in Vision. Maybe yours should be too. Check out Proverbs 29:18.

Here is the tricky thing about someone finding a greater Vision for their life. As soon as you begin to dream, as soon as the vision of what God is calling you to begins, you run into a question of WHEN?

And this is why many people daydream great things, but they’re dreams are never translated into reality. As Steven Furticj says, “The difference between a vision and a daydream is the audacity to act.”

When is a huge part of Vision. Otherwise you’re just treading water in a world of dreams.

The other tricky part of When is that people become so Enamored with When that they lose sight of now.

Like the guy who wants to bench press 300 pounds in a year, but he isn’t in the gym right now.

Or the girl who wants to be financially stable, but her paycheck runs to the bank to the store to the hangers of her closet.

Or the young Bible major who theoretically talks about when he leads people to Christ in his own ministry in a church, but he isn’t trying to reach one lost person right now.

As long as When is Then and Now is ignored, your vision will not be actualized in your own life. If you’re really passionate about something, and not just theoretically passionate about something, start practicing/living in your vision now. That is how When becomes a reality is by refusing to start Then because you will begin now.


3 thoughts on “Start Then When?

  1. Here is a quote from John R. Erickson (author of Hank the Cowdog) that I love: “Dreamers dream. Thinkers think. Writers write.” His way of saying if you want to do something you’ve got to do it. Great post!


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