God Is With You. God Is For You.

A few weeks ago, my life changed completely when I was given a new friend. Literally, given. I know usually, you make friends. Well, I was given this one.

Not only was I given a friend though, I was also given the opportunity to name him. His name is Albus. (Yes, named after one of the greatest wizards to ever be.)

Albus is the cutest little guy. Except when he whined so loudly at 4:30 am his first week. Or the time or two dozen times he considered the living room floor to be the best choice for a bathroom for himself. He really is a good little dude though. I’ve been told that I am not just his friend. Some have referred to me as his dad. I kind of like that. I kind of don’t. But I decided that I would let myself be his dad when I realized how much my Mom would enjoy being his grandma. (You’re laughing right now if you know my family.)

This morning, Albus and I went for a walk. Albus likes to think he is the alpha-dog or ADOG. He’s not. And he keeps learning by his place on the leash in the walk that he is the little guy and I’m the ADOG. (Or the AMOG.) Well, Albus likes to pretend like he’s the ADOG, that he is tough except on this one street. There is this one dog in our neighborhood that is big and loud, and likes to run at Albus and I when we are walking. Thankfully there is a fence between us. I might be scared of that big, angry, miniature bear that wants to attack me and my son as well if not for the fence.

Albus doesn’t understand the idea of the fence. Nor does he understand that if that big, angry, miniature bear came after us and tried to attack us, he would most likely get my boot to his skull. (No, I’m not a mean person. I am just protective of my little son. And myself for that matter.)

As I was walking today, I had such a great view of what God must feel like with us sometimes. We hear our enemies come after us. They have a loud bark, and they intimidate us. We want to run to the other side of a road, maybe down another road, and get to our house of safety as quick as possible.

What Albus couldn’t truly comprehend was that the one holding his leash was bigger, and would be stronger than the enemy on the other side of the fence.

No, I’m not saying you’re on God’s leash. There is a bit more dignity than that in our relationship with God. But if you were on a leash, what better leash could you be on?

Instead of the image a dog and his owner, the Lord gives us the image of a shepherd with sheep.

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

God is with you. God is for you.

There is no absence of evil in this life. Either you are conquered by evil, or evil will be attempting to conquer you. Your enemies will not be absent. Not if you’re living for God. Instead of wishing for an absence of evil, let’s rejoice for the presence of God in every situation.

God is with you. God is for you.


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