The Dagobah Principle

I am a Star Wars nerd. I just typed in Dagobah, and I remembered the spelling from reading the Star Wars books. Now, I cannot talk Star Wars at the level of my friends Zeus or Lucas (not George Lucas, but Lucas from Ten-ah-see), but I do know a little bit about it from my childhood.

In Episode V, possibly the greatest episode ever, Luke trains under Master Yoda in the Dagobah System. He is sent there by Obi-Wan’s Ghost of Jedi Present. So Luke zips over to the Dagobah system. He learns how to do some cool things like partially lift his X-wing out of the water, how to make many objects including Yoda float into the air, and even faces a pseudo Darth Vadar that actually turns out to be him once he chops the head off with his trusty lightsaber. If it was me at that point, I would be gone. See ya later Dagobah, that’s some freaky stuff.

But Luke stays and trains with Master Yoda until he has a vision of Han and Leia. They are suffering. So he sets out to rescue them. Before he goes, Yoda says, “You must complete your training.” Obi-Wan tells Luke to stay at Dagobah as well, but Luke refuses to let them suffer. He flies to Cloud City where he takes on Vadar for the first time in a lightsaber duel. Luke loses the battle, his right hand, and discovers in the process that Vadar is actually his daddy.

In the Empire Strikes Back, Episode V, we begin to think that the Empire will crush Luke and the rebellion. The story is set up to make you believe that Luke will not be able to defeat the Dark Side and Vadar and most of all that nut job Emperor Palpatine.

But then Luke does. In Return of the Jedi, Luke chooses a different way from fighting. He draws out the best in Vadar. Rather than trying to strike him down, Luke chooses the way of love. Eventually, love stirs the heart of Anakin Skywalker inside the suit of Darth Vadar, and he throws the Emperor out of the Death Star and into space.

All this to say, when was the big turn in the story? What changed everything for Luke? I think it was leaving Dagobah.

Yoda and Obi-Wan said he was too young. He was not ready yet. In truth, he wasn’t ready to fight Vadar. But because Luke did fight Vadar, he learned that Vadar was his daddy, and ultimately decided he would not kill his own father.

What I want to say to all the aspiring young people who have big dreams, and see that there are people worth rescuing, do it! If the Lord has placed a calling on your life, then go. And don’t delay. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

People who are further along may say complete your training, and often there is training you need to go through. But, switching now, truly towards God, the Lord doesn’t need your training for His will to be accomplished.

Josiah was 8 when he became the King of Israel, and he turned it around.

David was a shepherd boy when he took on Goliath. 

Peter and John were untrained fisherman who were recognized for having been with Jesus. 

Sometimes, your greatest training doesn’t happen at Dagobah, the place of planned training. Sometimes, God makes you leave Dagobah, so that He will put you through His purposeful training.

Dream big. Pray. Listen. Act.

P.S. One time, I met a Jedi Knight. Her name is Barriss Offee, and she is a Jedi Healer. When I met her, she told me her name was Nalini Krishan. My buddy Wil and I met her at church in Australia. After we talked for a few minutes, I asked her what she did. She said she was an actress. I asked her if she had any big films.

“Yeah, Star Wars.” Check this link for proof.

After I picked my jaw off the floor, I asked her if we could take a picture. The fact that she was a hot Jedi made it even better. (The Jedi in general are not hot. They either have beards, look like Samuel L. Jackson, or are tiny green dudes like Yoda.)

Then I told my buddy Wil that she was a Jedi, and that I took a picture with her. He told me I was lame for doing that. A minute later, he asked me to take a picture of them. So I took the polaroid. And neither Wil nor I are lame, because we met a Jedi Knight in Australia.

She gave me her number that night. I never called. What a shame. Who knows? Maybe I would have young Jedi Knights running around my house today. I always wanted a lightsaber.



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