Do Something Different

One of the things I’ve learned in the past two months is that we don’t do things that don’t work for us. I’ll let you take a look at me in order to get a good idea of what this looks like.

“If I fake a smile and act like everything is ok when it’s not, it is because I want to be seen as perfect. The reason I want to be seen as perfect is because someone who is perfect doesn’t need help. And if I let you help me, I trust you with what’s going on inside of me, then you can hurt me. So it actually works for me to keep you out instead of letting you in, because you think I’ve got it together, and I don’t have to be hurt. At the same time, it costs me real relationships, love, peace, and joy.”

Even the worst things we do give us something. We don’t do things that don’t work for us. Now, what you do may be costing you  a lot. Materialism can cost you debt, give you a superficial spirit, that focuses on the external instead of the internal. Pornography may give you a moment of feeling powerful and pleasure. At the same time, it may just cost you your dignity, self-respect, and real love with a real person because you feel too insignificant and weak to risk yourself by being vulnerable with a real person in a real place in real time. Murder could give you a moment of quiet from the hatred you have towards another person. However, it will cost you your heart, your passion, your future, and your freedom as you will be so consumed by guilt and revenge, and now you can’t live your life because you’re holding on to the life you took.

We do what works for us, and if you don’t get a payoff from it, you won’t do it. Period.

The problem is that most of the time, what works for us isn’t really working, at least not deep down. Which is why you and I can feel so empty. Instead of living a courageous, real, passionate life, you might be so gripped by the fear of failure, or the fear of success that you won’t do anything. Fear of success? Did I say that? Yes. Because you may not be afraid of failure. You might actually be terrified of succeeding because you have no idea what that would be like. So let me ask you, what would that be like? What if you could succeed? How would that feel? Can you even answer those questions, or do you have to intellectualize with, “I don’t know what that would be like. I’ve never been able to do any of that.”

See, Jesus offers us real life in Him. It is rare though when someone lives a life that everyone else says, “Wow, that person is really living! I want some of that!” We have some behaviors that hold us back from living the life God created us to live, and often live by default instead of design. We live by accident instead of on purpose. And life just happens, instead of doing something significant with the life that we happen to have.

You only have so many years here on this earth. You only have so many days. Don’t you want to do something significant with your life? If you do, then let me encourage you in this.

Do something different.

Do the hard stuff. It isn’t easy to change. And you may need to work through some stuff at a heart level to get out of the same old, same old. The time we waste on insignificant things is so significant.

Do something different.

I encourage you to seek God in prayer. You may need to step into something different as well. Maybe you go to counseling. I’ve done that. Where I’ve really worked through stuff in a significant way, and started living the life I want to live though is through a process called Pathways. If you’re interested in doing something different in your life, specifically going to Pathways, I can sponsor you through that process. If you’re living a life that is not worthy of the death Jesus died, then I encourage you to do something different. And I wouldn’t delay. I think a lot of our problem goes on when we say, “I’ll think about it.” Thinking about it? How’s that working out for you? Seriously, I used to think about every hypothesis, every act, every little thing all day long. I was a complete head case, lonely, frustrated, miserable, and not living the life I really want to live. Then I did something different. I encourage you to do the same. If I can help you do something different, you can email me at or call me at 918-627-3201 Ext: 289.

Have a great day! Do something different!



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