The Resistance You Face

I am a dreamer. This sometimes is of great benefit to me, but I also dig myself into some holes through my many dreams. I rarely dream of doing small things. If you look at a bucket list I create, it says things like “Run a marathon”, “Drive from Beijing to Cape Town distributing Bibles”, “Go to the moon, then come back” (Some people don’t include the coming back from the moon part. I don’t want to stay stuck there), “Go to Antarctica”, “Backpack Europe”, “Skydive over Antarctica”, and “Have my hand in the water crisis being changed in Africa.” These are all great goals and dreams that I have. However, there are a thousand small steps on the way to the big goal being accomplished. And that is where my struggle lies.

Now, change is alluring. It is exciting. For a dreamer like me, the idea of change is sweet nectar to my pallet that sinks into the marrow of my soul. Oh, I want change. Yet, I can tell you this.

I don’t want to change. Because change is hard. Doing something different is hard! Some of my friends who have made huge changes in their lives tell me, “It is only hard.” Which creates a conundrum of sorts. This is why I can be so excited about running a marathon in the morning, and feel like it is hopeless in the evening. It is hard work to change.

It is hard work to take the small steps that lead to a significant development of change in your life. 

For me lately, I’ve begun to undertake some significant changes in my life. I am creating a courageous, real, passionate life for myself to live in, and to invite others to join me in. This is all really exciting to me, except for one part. If I am going to change, it means I have to let things inside of me die, and I really don’t want to do that. When I kill an old habit in me, that feels really uncomfortable, and then I want to feel comforted right after that.

When you kill an old habit, something that was comfortable for you will be gone. This means you will probably do something to be comforted right then.

The greatest resistance I find resides within me. I am not going to eliminate the Devil and the world from taking potshots at me. Really though, I believe that most of the time when I don’t change, it is just because I don’t want to be uncomfortable. I want something to make my life easier. But easy doesn’t equal beautiful. It is the hard stuff we do that creates or adds meaning, value, and beauty to the thing we are pursuing. If you want to make it count, you have to do the hard stuff.

You also have to be honest enough with yourself, and with others to share the comfort you’re reaching out for that is holding you back from getting what you really want. Even more than that, I don’t need to just name the thing I’m struggling with, I need to pray and plan against it. Yes, pray. Yes, plan. Yes, be intentional about doing something different.

If you are doing something different, you will face a strong resistance. The resistance most likely will come from within. Don’t back down. Recognize it for what it is, communicate with yourself, and with others, pray, plan, and keep going. And when you do happen to kick resistance in the face, go celebrate! After all, you earned it!

Remember this: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Have a great day doing something different. Take the resistance head on, and don’t back down. Go celebrate it when you do!



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