The Little Things

Late night post. Setting: Cory, my roommate is putting his new dresser together. Albus, the puppy is in his kennel. I am sitting in a comfy chair.

I started thinking about writing a blog, and immediately my mind started running to something deep. Or trying to think of something deep. So here is what I got. While trying to think of something deep, I was hit with a profound thought. It doesn’t have to be deep. What about day to day life? So this is what I want to share with you.

The little things are really important in life.

Doing the little things for yourself can give you a lot of enjoyment. More on that in a minute.

Knowing about the little things with other people gives you ammunition to care for them. Doing little things for other people shows you really do care about them, and that you are thinking about them.

I grew up in a house of the women outnumbering the men, 3-2. With 2 older sisters and my mom spending a lot of time with us (I was home schooled til 8th grade. Judge me), I learned from them that love is not primarily shown exclusively through big displays of affection during the year, but by noticing the little things. My dad and I appreciate the little things, we just don’t think to talk about them.

A guy says he loves his wife. Great. What’s her favorite color? Where does she like to eat? How does she like to receive affection? What is her ideal night? What is one thing she would like for you to do that would make her life better?

Doing the little things reveals your love through the moments of daily life.

So, how much time are you giving yourself to enjoy the little things? Let’s say you care about the little things for other people. What about yourself?

Today, I went to the gym and played basketball. Then I rode the bike. Then an XP class started, so I jumped in on that. Then, I felt like I was going to pass out. Chocolate milk/water gave me energy again.

I came back to the house, and I started cooking. You didn’t know that about me. I like to cook. Tonight, I went to town in the kitchen. It was a blast. And the food actually turned out pretty well so far. We’ll find out more tomorrow as it is in the crockpot now, but I cooked because I wanted to.

Maybe you’ve run out of things that you do for you. I did recently when a friend challenged me to spend more time taking care of myself. Here are some little things I do that really make a difference in showing myself love, then showing others love because I have loved myself.

*Spend time with my friends.
*Give someone a call.
*Read my Bible/pray.
*Go workout.
*Read a book or listen to an audio book.
*Turn on loud music and dance.
*Take a nap if I’m tired.
*Go for a walk.
*Create mini-adventures to live in, then go do them.
*Read some encouraging quotes.
*Go spend time with a mentor.
*Work on a new project.
*Clean my room.
*Iron my clothes
*Play my guitar/sing.
*Take The Professor (Albus) out for a walk.
*Take a vacation.

Notice, watching tv didn’t come up. I watch less tv now than ever. I don’t have much time to watch other people’s lives because I’m too busy living mine.

What would you add to the list?

Have a wonderful day noticing and taking care of the little things. Do something different.



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