Christmas: Because God Wants

We’re almost there. Just under seven hours until Santa slips into this chimney-less house. My sister, Tricia and my Dad are making breakfast burritos, a family tradition. The tree is glowing, and Christmas music plays in the background. Yes, this is lovely. All over the world, people are with their families. Although we could get into fights with our families, that is not what you and I want. We want peace, joy, and love. We want to give, and we want to receive. Over the past few months,  Yes, this is the one time of the year when people actually ask us what we want. Isn’t that nice? People actually asking you what you want? And you don’t sit down with pen and paper and say to yourself, “I should ask for light bulbs, toilet paper, and spatulas because I’m a little low on those.” (Ok, maybe you asked for a spatula. But you get my point.) We’re asking each other, “What do you want?” because we were given that question by our God. What do you want? Or, when God sent Jesus,

“Who do you want?”

It isn’t enough for God to come to earth, be born of a virgin, live a perfect life of grace, love, joy, and truth and then die on a cross for us. God had to write us a love letter so that we would never forget it. Or maybe, you could say that God sent each of us a Christmas list when He gave us His Word. Oh, that beautiful Bible. My family will read it in a few minutes. God’s Christmas List that he sends to you has one big want on it. Your name.

God wants you. God wants me. With all the crummy things we’ve done, our utter rebellion, the Creator of the Ends of the Earth is madly in love with us. Every year, His Christmas list remains pretty simple. It isn’t the things you can give Him. God wants one thing. You. All of you.

Doesn’t it feel good to want? Doesn’t it feel good to be wanted by God? What can you give to Him tonight that you’re holding back from Him? A bitter spot in your heart? A cynical place in your mind? A completely surrendered heart? You have something to give to God. You have what He wants. You. It is more blessed to give than to receive. But when you do give yourself to God, you will receive the most beautiful gift of all. You will receive God. So give Him you if you never have, and if you have before, give yourself to God all over again. How beautiful is that? Let’s celebrate the peace, joy, hope, and love. Let’s celebrate Christmas! It is beautiful to have a God who wants us!



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