Rise Up

The critics don’t count. That’s something I have to tell myself. No matter where you go, if you live a courageous, real, passionate life, there will be people who will be your nay sayer. They will do their best to steal your confidence, to challenge your intentions, to judge your heart, and tell you that you cannot be who you want to be or who you are. I listened to those nagging voices throughout my life. I wanted to do something great, and I even did some great things, but I could not accept that I was doing something great with my life because I listened to the criticism of others. One thing is for sure:

As soon as you succeed, people will start giving you their advice or criticism.

Sometimes, advice is really just criticism with a mask of caring on it. Here’s the deal: you won’t be a winner by following the advice of losers. There are a lot of people who feel that their primary responsibility in life is telling others what they can’t do. Or they’ll tell you why you shouldn’t do something great. Or if you do something great, don’t worry about ego. They’ll do their best to make sure you know that you are nothing special.

Maybe you have been shaped by what others say about you for far too long. Maybe you despise yourself, because you feel like others have despised you. Maybe you gave someone permission to burn your dreams to the ground. When will enough be enough? When will you claim your truth, live in your God-given nature, and step out in faith by doing something different.

Rise up from the ashes, and determine that your legacy will be greater than the critics could imagine. God is on your side. The choices are yours, the result is your life. Rise up. Challenge yourself to live wholeheartedly for the Lord. Give selflessly, choose to be happy, and show the people you love the real love inside of you. Don’t waste your life. Do something different.

Rise up.



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