Hitting The Wall

This is your lucky day. I know, you looked at your calendar and saw that it is Friday the 13th but I am here to share with you that today might be what unlocks you from a static existence, from broken commitments, or another year of failed resolutions. If you feel like you have already walked into a deep valley of frustration in 2012 and you want something practical to get unstuck, then this blog on hitting the wall is for you.

I have hit the wall many times in my life. Many times, I have stopped because I got tired, I thought the wall was too big to climb, I was too tired to dig under the wall, or walk around the wall. What I was really saying when I said all of that is, “My excuses are more important than my goal.” Sometimes what I was saying was, “I’m just not worth making the change.” Or “I don’t want to do the hard work.”

Here is the thing that I want to share if you feel like you’re stuck, or you’ve begun to fail at some things you want to change this year. And I didn’t come up with this one. It is good enough though that I want to share it with you. The magic question:

What is one thing I can do today to succeed?

I usually have a list of about fifty or one hundred things I could do, but I don’t get all those things done, and then I get frustrated after. So I’m taking a smaller, more focused approach in 2012. You have to be specific on this one thing. You have to be realistic. You probably want to do something small. It doesn’t have to be something huge. Just do something. Don’t mope about it, and don’t hang your head because you took three days off from the work on your goal. Get back up, and choose to do one thing. If it means that you want to be healthy, go for a walk this afternoon. Or maybe you’ve decided you don’t want to walk today. Eat at Subway instead of McDonald’s. Order water instead of pop. Create a reminder to go off for yourself.

Remember, we all hit the wall. The question isn’t, “Will I hit the wall?” The question is, “How will I respond when I hit the wall?” Create a plan! Do something different! Live by design instead of default, and have some fun this weekend. Walk around that wall. Scale the wall. Dig under it, or for crying out loud, get some dynamite, and blow that wall up. No excuses. You and I are better than excuses. Let’s go!



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