Moving Mountains

A couple of days ago, I had to use my old Blackberry as my phone alarm. I had to keep my iPhone off because I got the Zagg cover on it at the mall, which means you have to keep your phone off for twelve hours straight. So, I set the alarm on my Blackberry. I didn’t want to wake up when it was going off though. I kept hitting the snooze. Now, my alarm on my iPhone is Marimba. On my Blackberry though, I have Hillsong United playing “Mighty to Save.”So I kept hitting the snooze, and five minutes later, I would wake up to

“Savior, He can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save,                           He is mighty to save.”

These words kept flowing into my soul, and then I would fall asleep again. Early Monday morning, I realized I settled. As I was laying there in my bed, I knew that I had settled. My God is mighty to save, and He can move mountains.

So why wasn’t I asking God to move mountains? Why wasn’t I asking God to do the impossible? I used to all the time. What happened?

Over time, I got caught up managing my life and my ministry, without asking God to do the miraculous. Now, I’m not saying that management and miracles are mutually exclusive. I believe 100 % in being faithful to what God has given you. I really believe that is key to living for God.

I want to be faithful and full of faith.

If you’re not asking God to move a mountain, then maybe you’ve given up on your request because you didn’t get what you wanted. Maybe you’ve gotten caught up in your own reflection in the mirror, and you are primarily preoccupied with yourself. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the mountains in your life. If it was one, that would be understandable, but you may feel surrounded by mountains. So here is part of following Jesus. Believing Him. Believing in Him. Believing on Him. FAITH! If you’re feeling dry, go to the fountain and let Him fill you. If you’re feeling weary, ask Him to lift your burden. If you have a mountain that needs to be moved, ask Him to move it.

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.                          Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Jesus in Matthew 17:20-21

Faith is a gift from God, so use the gift He has given you. Dare to ask God for the impossible. Isn’t it time to be filled with possibilities? Isn’t it time to ask God to do the greatest things to date in your life?  God is not finished with you. Step into the gift of faith that God has given you. Here is a prayer that helps me.

“God, give me the faith to ask you what I need to ask you for. Seal my heart in faith. I believe you can God, I believe you will. God will you __________?” Pray it with audacity. With courage. With faith. God wants to hear from you about the mountains that He can move. And it will all be for His glory.



3 thoughts on “Moving Mountains

  1. dave if i may….in the verse from matthew that you have referenced there, something is standing out to me….it says if YOU have faith, and YOU can say move from here to there, and it will move right? key word here is YOU…its the faith in God that allows US to be able to do these things…its not God doing it for us…i just feel like its up to us, not God. Why else would we have freedom of choice? Do you think God would give us that ability and then do it for us? No way…remember it came from within YOU to make the decision to follow God, as it comes from within YOU to move those mountains…God just gives us the necessary tools we need to do so.

  2. Pat, good thoughts. I believe that the power to be able to do great things come through God, and that faith is a gift from God to us. Yes, I still am called to do something. But the power comes from God, not from me. I have a choice whether or not I am going to connect to the power. Like a lamp, I have the choice to plug in to the power source, or stay disconnected. The lamp doesn’t glow without the power though. In the same way, it is really God working through us. And when the mountains I ask to be moved go along with His will, I believe I’ll see it happen.

  3. I think I struggle with asking for the miraculous out of fear that it might not be God’s will for me. I have big dreams, but I want them to align with what He wants. So I’ll continue in the day by day and hope that his miracles and signs will show me eventually. Maybe not the best way to proceed.


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