The House You’re Building

Today’s post is an excerpt from my first book which I will release this year.

You do realize you are building your life right now. You are building your life like you build a house. Some people say, make sure that you are building it on the right foundation. If you are reading this, you have already laid the foundation. Most likely the framework of your life has been put in place, and the walls are up.

Take a few minutes and examine your life as a house. What does the house look like on the outside? Are you taking care of your house? What does the landscape look like? When was the last time the windows were washed? How is the paint on the house? Would people want to stop by for a visit? Maybe your life looks like it is in perfect order on the outside. What about the interior?

The living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen are all present. You’ve designed the interior of your house just as you will. You have set up the furniture just as you will. Is it the furniture you want? The walls of your house have been painted, and you have even put pictures up all around you.

Imagine your house as a life. Who is in the picture frames? What are they doing? Why are they there? Is it because you love them so deeply, or are they on the walls of your house because you can’t get let the bitterness go? Close your eyes and imagine it for a moment.

What is the current state of your life as a house? Are the corners swept clean, or is it a mess? Would you invite anyone into the life you are creating? Remember, this is your life. You are the one who chooses what is inside of you. You are the one who chooses what your life will look like. Although someone may have deeply affected your life, you cannot place the blame on them. You must rise and be accountable for the state of your house. So what does it look like? Can someone come in and enjoy life with you, or is the interior state of your heart so cluttered that confusion would come upon most anyone who attempted to get to know you.

You see, you have already built your house. You may build onto your house by creating additions in the future, but you are currently living in the house that you have built. This is the house of your life.

The good news is that you have choices right now. Choices that can transform your current situation. As long as you have a choice, you have hope. And as long as you’re alive, you have a choice. What will you do with your life? If you are not satisfied, there is time to change. However, there won’t always be time. And don’t get caught up in excuses. The excuses you make today will lead to the frustation you find tomorrow. So today, right now, if you are unsatisfied, you can do something different. The choices are yours, the result is your life.



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