So You Settled

It really wasn’t your intention to end up here. You planned on doing something different. You actually told yourself you wanted more. You told your closest friends that you expected better for yourself. You promised yourself, and just about cut a covenant with God that you wouldn’t do it again. And now, you are here in the place you hate the most. You can tell people that the place you would hate the most was in some wild, over the top, sinfest, but you know that wasn’t going to happen to you. Instead, you just dropped into apathy. All because it was comfortable. You forgot something along the way.

Life does not reward your intentions, only your actions. 

So what are you going to do? Because you settled. Promises aren’t the way out of this one. Those will just be another on a long string of broken commitments. You can’t close your eyes and pretend that this isn’t your life. It is. The choices are yours, the result is your life. So you can’t ignore it. And moving forward in this apathetic fashion isn’t the answer either. You can’t imagine continuing on in this way, because you know that in ten years you’re going to have to deal with what you did today. My gosh, imagine looking back in forty years. You only get to live once. Stop bowing your knee, and crowning apathy as king. Do something different. Get your passion back! If you don’t do something different now, then when will you?

Please hear me on this. God has great plans for your life. You get to choose on whether or not you’re going to step into those plans. God did not create you for mediocrity. Refuse typical. You deserve more. I believe that’s what Jesus says on the cross. You deserve more than death, more than mundane, more than the common, boring life. You deserve to step into something extraordinary. Not because of what you’ve done, but because of what Jesus has done for you. Believe God for something new, but stop waiting for God to live your life for you. Saying, Lord take control doesn’t mean you stay in bed til the crack of 2. Get up! Do something different! Isn’t it time to get some passion back?? Some hope?? Some joy?? It is all found in God, and found in hard work. You receive eternal life from Jesus. It is your responsibility to do something with the life He has given you. And don’t drop your head because you feel like a failure. You don’t have time for that. Life’s in session, are you present?? I’m writing this today, because I’ve stood where you’ve stood, and I’ve sat where you are sitting. I refuse to be apathetic though. Take a deep breath, that wonderful oxygen is a gift from God. Now, it’s go time. Passion. Activity. Love. Faith. Hope. Now! Go do it!



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