All In & Full Out – The Only Way To Live Life

I just left Jamba Juice with my friend, Kaye. She is one of my friends/mentors, and a strong encouragement in my life. We had quite the conversation, you know one of those where you fix the problems in the universe, and then at the end, something really cool happened. Without really thinking about it, I started talking about things in my life that frustrate me, things that hold me back, things that bother me, things that stifle me…and in the midst of that, I found something amazing.


That’s how I like to live life! All in and full out…it is the only way to live life! You may say that there’s another way, but can we really call that living? This life is meant to be lived! Right now, my friend, Kent, is over in Africa living life all in.

“Yeah, but, you don’t have to go to Africa to really live,” you might say.

Correct. But he is living his dream right now! Are you?

In your life, you will continually be faced with two big questions.

“What should I do?” and “What do I want?”

Without a doubt, there are some things you should do that you need to do even if you don’t want to do. Matters of moral integrity, cleanliness, kindness, yes these are things you should do.

What about passion though? I believe people rarely find passion doing what they should. They find passion in living out what their heart really wants. Living for something bigger than themselves. Living all in and full on not caring what anybody thinks about them because they are living with faith, courage, and the seed of a dream in their heart is being realized.

During lent, I’m going to step away from blogging. I am going to use the time on my blog or on facebook to really seek God with all I’ve got. I will also be working on my book in this season. I want to live more in tune with his purposes and passion in my life. I plan on doing a lot of living during the lent season.

If you visit this blog during lent, there is some reading that is far better for you that you can read here.

So you have dreams? What are they? You want to see great things happen? What do you want to do? Isn’t it time to live big and bold? To live it fearlessly?

I encourage you to go after it. And remember, the only way to live life is all in and full out!



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