Warby Parkers and Being Afraid

The next five days are the Warby Parker home try-on program. Check it out here. Or just look through the five I tried on.

I’m ready for your feedback. And yes, the glasses make my face look like that when I am relaxed. Warby Parker’s have superpowers within them, you know? (It’s not that they make your face look like any of these when you’re relaxed. It’s what you can do when you’re wearing them. After I buy a pair, don’t be surprised if you see me flying around Oklahoma or creating lightning from my fingertips. Also, after I buy a pair, don’t make me mad. The Warby Parker superpowers might take over. Just sayin.)

Transition point in the blog:

Now, these glasses got me to thinking about vision. I’m pretty big on big picture stuff in life. Big vision. Do something great. Dream it. Imagine it. Etc.

As I was talking with some friends late last night, the conversation turned deep, and we talked about themes in our lives with the Lord, and fears that are play a big part of our lives. A few weeks ago, I heard Patrick Mead say, “For the Christian, fear is not an option.” One line packs so much punch into it. 

I realized that I operate much of the time out of fear. How did I come to this? The way I like to counter my fear is to be in control. This means that I’m in charge of the details, I get to see what is going to happen before I do it. I get to figure out how this will affect myself and others. When I feel in control, the fear is numbed, and worry dissipates.

This lasts for a few hours, days or weeks, and then I realize that I am playing safe and playing small. I am not trusting. I am operating out of fear, and although I do like to be in control, I hate to look in the mirror and see a coward staring back at myself.

Most of the time, when I act out of fear, I find that I make the fear out to be more than it actually is. The reason why is because fear is really great at controlling us when it is ambiguous. If you name it, the fear loses a lot of it’s strength.

So, I’m going to do something different. Over the next week, here is my plan. Ask me sometime how it’s working for me if you’d like. Here goes:

If I’m afraid to do it, I’m going to do it.

This statement excludes sin. It excludes hurting someone through a passive aggressive response. This means I deal in reality, face things head on, and enjoy life more.

You can have a great vision for your life, but one thing that people can always sniff on you is fear. If you let it control your life, fear will drive out love, and your response will be to try and be in control. Unfortunately, at some point in time, you will feel/or look like a shell of the person that people once knew because you have gift wrapped your heart, and given it to fear.

There are some I know who live with a heart wide open, full of love, and sharing this life in the best way with others. The joy in their eyes, and the hope they bring is always refreshing.

Then there are those of us who are in the middle, who sometimes do the courageous thing, and sometimes act in fear. Each courageous step is leading you and I closer to that life I believe we truly want to live.



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