Relationships: Telling The Truth

A few months ago, I did a teaching called Entourage for 20 Park. It was built around friendships, and the importance of the friends you have. We used these questions and sentence as the framework for the series.

“Who’s in? Who’s out? You only go as far as they’ll go with you.”

One thing that has made my life a lot better over the past few years is that I have some friends who will tell me the truth. When I start thinking that I am a big deal, or when I act like I’ve got life figured out, they tell me. A few of them are even able to call me on my crap by the way I’m phrasing sentences. I know, it’s brutal. Brutally honest that leads to a much better life. I am so thankful for my friends who will tell me the truth.

When I talk about these people who will tell me the truth, part of the beauty is that they have known me long enough, and love me well enough that I am completely open to what they say. I trust them as they tell me the truth. While I weigh what everyone says, I really trust what these guys have to tell me when they something important. What I’m saying is that it is really important to have friends who love you and will be honest with you.

Today, I want to talk about a second part of telling the truth. You need people who will tell you the truth when you don’t want to hear it. When you feel like you’ve messed your life up too much. When you feel inadequate. When you feel worthless.

You need people to tell you the truth about you. How important you are in God’s eyes. How important you are to them. How much you mean to the people you spend time with. This is the truth that sometimes we deny in our hearts even more than the brutal honesty of how bad we are. Sometimes, we let so many beliefs that are really lies shape our lives, that we don’t feel like giving much of anything to anyone. And God created us in His image, but we have a hard time bearing His image when we are obsessed with every part of ourselves that we don’t like.

Tell somebody the truth today. Tell them that you love them. Tell them why you love them. Show them how you love them. Tell them they matter to you. Even more, show them this. Give them your words. Give them your actions. Show them your heart. Tell somebody the truth today. Because you matter. Because they matter. Because someone deserves to hear the truth today.



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