Stuck In A Rut

What do you do when you get stuck? We all get stuck. Sometimes we’re not sure why we get stuck. First of all, let’s take a look at a few reasons you might be stuck.

1. How much have you been sleeping lately? If you are getting four or five hours of sleep every night for a week, you may not be very sharp on Thursday afternoon. Get your sleep. Eight hours of it. I know, it isn’t easy to just go to bed, but you’re better for it.

2. What have you been eating lately? One of my friends pointed this out to me when I crashed on Saturday afternoon. Four of us ate barbecue. I was the only one who ate white bread. The next day, I ate more white bread as experiment. The results are these: I don’t need to eat white bread. Eat smarter, feel better.

3. Who have you been hanging out with lately? Do they drain you, do they fill you? If you only hang out with people who drain you, then you are in trouble. If you are only with people who are constantly refilling you, there’s a possibility you’re actually just being a leech. Personally, I have made a strong shift towards spending the majority of my time with people who are positive influences. If you’re a Debbie Downer, or an emotional leech, I will step back from you.

4. What is your fitness level like? If you’re not doing something that is active, you may sink into a slump. When you work out, you’re sending a few messages to yourself. A. I care about myself. I am taking the time to take care of the body God has given me. B. I am worth this. C. I want to live a long time. D. I want to feel better, so I’ll let myself feel the natural high of endorphins from working out. Those are a few things that help me when I’m in a rut. I haven’t been working out much lately, so I’m kicking that into gear on that now.

Here are a couple secrets I’ve learned to get out of a rut.

1. Do something for somebody else. Write someone a note, give them a book. Do something. This will get you out of your navel gazing, and get you back on track. Even better is when you do something that takes some effort. If you mow someone’s lawn, or wash dishes, you are doing something physical. This can help you reach flow which basically means you are doing something without thinking about it, and your mind begins to be freed up.

2. Put on some positive music.

3. Put a pencil between your teeth for two minutes, and smile. Within two minutes, you will feel better.

4. Drink more water. You need water. Drink it. If you’re drinking lots of sodas, cut those out.

5. Talk to someone who is stronger than you are. I have a mentor who is more intense than I am. This guy lives all in. He doesn’t make excuses. He just drives forward. He told me that there are two types of people, rhinoceroses and cattle. The cattle sit and wait for things to happen. The rhinoceros charges hard, then goes and sinks into a mudbath for a while. Charge hard, work hard, then go relax. Set up your calendar year accordingly. If I know I have a vacation coming up, I can put in a lot more time and hours, because I know the vacation is going to be sweet. Charge like a rhinoceros.

6. Be Thankful. Write down a list of all the people/things you’re thankful for. Then, thank God for every one of them again. Knowing that God has blessed you, get back to work, and drive up the hill so you’ll be out of the rut.

7. Read your Bible and pray. I put this last, even though it should be first. I put it last because I think you’ll remember the final thing I write more than the first thing I jotted down. Read your bible. Pray. Listen to the Word of God. Then do it. Work hard. Push through. You’ll be out before you know it.



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