The Best Problem

Today, I woke up at 6:30 6:55, and headed to Gold’s Gym. Yes, it was early. Yes, I didn’t want to go. Yes, I got up.

I packed all the things I would need post-grueling workout. And then I hit the gym. It felt great to be back. I’ve done some other things over the past couple of months that have helped me become a lot healthier, but I’ve really missed the gym. So I gave myself a hard workout. Welcome back to fierce aggression in the gym. So it goes like this.

Dress for work.
Go to work.

Today, my routine was interrupted.

Dress for work.
Oh, I forgot my belt, and my jeans don’t fit anymore! HALLELUJAH! So I was faced with the best problem I could have been faced with today. Deal with positive changes in my life. I could either enter the office with what my mom disparagingly refers to as “sagging”, or I could find some place that was open, and buy some new jeans.

So I went to Kohls, because they always have sales. Always. I bought some new jeans, then I went back to the fitting room, and put my new jeans on. I walked out of the store having solved a great problem.

Then I came to work.

I lost a lot of weight over the past few months. The clothes I wore before don’t fit anymore. I had to do something different. So I went and got some new clothes.

When you make a change in your life, you have to do something different with the change, or you will likely revert back to how you were. As long as I had that old pair of jeans, I could always use that as an excuse for going back to how I was.

Great change requires new style.

You may have done some things in your life one way for a really long time, but now you’ve made a significant change. That’s great, but if you don’t create a new way for yourself to live, then you will likely revert to your old way.

You lost weight. Great. Go get some new clothes. Burn the bridges to go back to where you were.

You reconciled with an old friend. Keep putting the time into the relationship, or it will simply be healed, but not grown.

You decided to be honest with the life you live. Surround yourself with honest people who will tell you the truth, and challenge you to be better.

Do something different. You deserve living a great life. Christ says you have infinite worth, and wants to give you a life that is full! Live it. Do it. Take on the best problem of great change with new style. The best problems require the greatest change.



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