Climb the Mountain, Jump the Waterfall

On the other side of faith is victory. We talk about the fear on the front side of our faith a lot. What is truly key is visualizing the result.

Looking to the result does not mean you define how your faith will influence others. You can not control how others will respond to your faith. Rather, what will the internal outcome of courageous faith be? What will God do inside of you as you step in faith, and how will you mature in the process.

There are reasons to climb a mountain. To see if you can climb it, to enjoy the challenge, and to discover the beauty both in the climb and at the peak. A climb takes endurance. When you climb to the top of your mountains in life, do you allow yourself to feel victory? To know that this is the life you can live, that is the life of a winner and champion. When you embrace your victory, you neither fear failure or success. You simply enjoy the victory for what it is, and that is the perseverance in the midst of difficulty you faced as you climbed the mountain.

There is something I want to do. Not at Niagra, Victoria, or Angel, because they lead to instant death, but I want to jump the waterfall. The big drop into a deep pool of water. Not rocky water. Just deep, pure water. Secretly, I have a fear of heights. Jumping the waterfall sometimes means you’re jumping towards what you believe to be true, not what you see to be true. The water crashes down on the water, and creates a look that seems as if rocks are everywhere at the bottom of the waterfall. What of they’re not? What if you just have an open jump into clear waters that will refresh you from standing in the sun. It’s unknown until you do it. Jump the waterfalls of unknown possibilities and find the depth of God’s strength and peace in refreshing waters. Jump the waterfall because you will grow to despise the waterfall or yourself if you only allow it to be a theoretical concept. It is scary for a reason. It requires faith. After you jump, allow yourself to feel the strength of victory. You are worth every ounce of that victory. You jumped. You deserve it.

If you can hone in on what will happen on the flip side of jumping a waterfall, you will be more likely to jump. Not because everyone else will jump it too. Maybe they will. But when you jump, you’ll understand a deeper, more encouraging aspect of God’s grace. He wants you to find the victory of living by faith, and enjoying the risk of jumping the waterfalls of life.

Climb the mountain. Jump the waterfall. Refuse to be typical, because you were created in an incredible way to live a wonderful life of courage, authenticity, creativity, and passion. The Lord honors those who act in faith and place all they are on Him, and fully rely on Him. As you live the risk, and endure the challenge, you echo what He has placed in the hearts of men everywhere: the eternal tone of a life lived wide open in love, trust, and joy in God.



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