Day Two

Today, I worked the DVD duplicators. I’m learning the value of doing the small things. The small things matter, because they end up being the big things. Forget to do the small things, and the big things unravel. Big things that are excellent are just a bunch of small things done with excellence.

Then Roger and ate lunch. That man is a free spirit. I like Roger. He is honest, forthright, and  has an open mind. He also cares about people.

This afternoon, I went for a drive with Kent, Dale and Tammy, Jeff and Teresa, and Cecil and Carolyn. Anytime you get to spend time with these people is a great time.

I love waking up in another country. I also miss my friends back in Tulsa.

Eight weeks ago today, my life got a lot better. It was actually at this time, as I am writing the blog. Not South Africa time. 5 pm. It got better. I’m grateful. Since then, I’ve gotten to know Jesus better.

Jesus is Lord. Jesus also wants to be our friend. I’m thankful for His friendship.

I ate cereal this morning. I never ate cereal in the states. Cereal and coffee and being debriefed on the upcoming mission.

Rain fell from the heavens today. It’s been rainy here the past couple of days, like Tulsa when I left.

I saw the sun spill over a mountain like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A dark cloud hung just above the mountain. Golden light poured down the mountainside. It was like God was waving at us.

If you give everything to everyone, you have nothing to share with just one.


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