Stop Being Sorry

Today, I learned something that brought a lot of value to my life. It is a key principle that somehow I overlooked. A lot of times, I beat myself up over the sin of my past. I’m not talking about unaddressed sin. I’m talking about things that I’ve acknowledged, repented of, confessed, and even moved on from. But my past creeps up on me.

I think this is one of Satan’s best tactics with me. If he can convince me that I should be filled with regret, or that I should be miserable over my past, then I can stay stuck. The place I stay stuck is a sorry place. Here is my prayer,

“God, I’m so sorry.”

When I read the Bible, I don’t see God talking a whole lot about me being sorry. Instead, he says repent. Change. Move forward. Walk to Jesus. Eyes on Him. Leave your past where it is.

In the past.

Walk the Way of Jesus.

If you’re like me, your past might be preventing you from enjoying the presence of God, the power He has in your life right now, and the future He wants to give to you. The sad thing is we could waste our lives being sorry. Or we could change. Repent. Do something different. Step into the joy of God.

Stop being sorry. Follow Jesus.


One thought on “Stop Being Sorry

  1. This blog really hits home. It is one I fight all the time. God wipes it away but it stays in my memory like a scar . I often think of Peter – how often did he remember denying the Lord. Paul talks about his weakness (the flesh) but do we hear anything from Peter? Paul’s ‘big’ sin was probably before accepting Christ – the ones that haunt me are those that happened after my conversion. Can we remove the scar?


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