Play Bigger

I am in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. In the past week, we have been in four countries. The accelerated pace of this trip is a fascinating experiment. We are constantly on the go, and learning to move in and out of countries at a rapid rate. That is if the border patrol allows us to do so. 

We are very small, you and I. Sometimes, we might feel extremely important, large, and urgent, but really we’re small. We may feel our needs are more urgent than anyone else’s, but they’re not. We are small.

Significance is important to understand. We can play bigger than we are. Though we are small, we can do things that have eternal significance if we will embrace a life of making much of God. By this, I mean that we live to make God look beautiful and glorious, basically to try and let people see Him for who He is. This is playing big.

When I think I’m a big deal, I live really small. When I understand I’m small, I can live a life that is bigger than myself.

Here’s the challenge in the midst of living. We might somehow miss that life is meant to be lived, and that Jesus is life itself. Life invites those who are “alive” to truly come to life, and that is an invitation from Jesus to us. He invites us to Himself.

We are desperate to find something perfect. Something to complete us. In our search for this, we will turn almost anything into a god. This is the battle we face as we follow Jesus. Will I follow Jesus, or will I search for someone or something to complete me? If I choose Jesus as life, then I will continue to come back to Him wholeheartedly. In this, I will come to life. So will you. Because Jesus is life Himself.

We could start thinking that life is about how many things I get, how many people like me, or even how many profound quotes I read on twitter of facebook. Quotes don’t bring a person to life. Jesus brings a person to life. And yes, you can quote me on that. Ha.

Anyway, you can play big or you can play small. I’m finding that playing big is a lot more challenging, but a lot more fulfilling. I think we can do something worthwhile on this earth that is much bigger than us. Because the gospel is bigger than us. It is the fullness of God found in Jesus at the cross, burial, and resurrection. So we learn to live a life that is bigger than us as we step into the fullness of God.

 Your life has eternal significance. See that you are smaller. Play bigger.



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