Letting Go

Letting Go

When we talk about what is important to us, it is usually the relationships that matter the most to us. Over the past few years, I had the privilege of quite a few people sharing their hearts with me. I noticed a common thread of pain among guys and girls. It is the difficulty of letting go. When I looked at my own life, I saw the same common thread, because I have a hard time of letting go. My default mode of life is to hold on.
Letting go isn’t easy. Not after you’ve worked for something. Not after you’ve treasured someone. Not when you gave your heart.

Letting go is part of life. God instilled it into creation when He gave us seasons. The blossoms of summer must fall with the autumn leaf. The death of winter cannot reign forever, and spring shows us how to embrace life again.

What is so hard about letting go? A while ago, one of my friends went through a bad breakup. He told me, “When God created us, He created us male and female. When a man and woman love each other, it is a view of what God looks like. When you lose the woman you love, it’s like you lose a part of God that you had.”

It’s not just losing what you had that hurts though. It’s letting go of what you could have had. It’s moving on from what was, and what could have become. It’s letting go completely that is so difficult.

When you genuinely let go, it means you accept that all the time, effort, and love didn’t go where you wanted them to go. That you didn’t get what you wanted. That you lost something that was important to you. That you lost someone who is important to you. That you’re moving on.

The hardest part about letting go of someone you deeply care about is actually letting go. Allowing the love, memory, and affections to fade away. Allowing the hope you may have held onto with that person to die. Allowing yourself to live a life that feels completely unknown to you right now.

Someone said, “Let go and let God.” It sounds cliche, but it makes sense. Let go of control. Let go of the past. Let go of the dreams. Let God take care of them. Let God take care of you. Let God in. When you let go, you are saying, “I trust you God. I believe that as I let go of the past, you have good things in store for my life.” Until you let go, you cannot move into the future God has for you. Let go and let God.


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