Going Deeper with Jesus

Over the past few years, my relationship with God would go shallow really quickly. Now, I convinced myself that I was a deep Christian, but I was spending less sustained time in prayer or reading the Bible. I also found that my thoughts weren’t on Jesus too much, and I often wasn’t finding my worth in Him. I became dissatisfied with the depth of my relationship with Jesus. I kept making promises to myself that I would go deeper. Finally, I decided I wanted to go deeper.

Going Deeper

Now, I don’t have this one completely figured out. I still struggle a lot. I want to share three signs I’ve found though of a deeper relationship with Jesus. I will also say, these are not the only signs of a deep relationship with Jesus. However, these do have something to do with your relationship with Jesus. These three will begin to show up more and more in your life as you grow into a deeper relationship with Him.

1. Obedience is a sign of a deep relationship with Jesus. There is no way around this one. Now, you can be obedient without having a deep relationship with Jesus. You can be obedient strictly out of law, and that is called legalism. But you can’t have a deep relationship with Jesus and not be obedient to Him. You can know lots of facts about Jesus, sound very spiritual to other people, but Jesus says the people who know Him are the ones who do His will. This isn’t easy. Obedience means choosing a cross over yourself. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like dying to myself. It isn’t easy. You’re not deep if you’re not obedient.

2. Desiring time with Jesus is a sign of a deep relationship with Jesus. When we desire time with Jesus, it says we are going deeper with Him. Now, this one is sometimes tricky. We want to desire Jesus. A few common phrases in culture today are “you just fall in love”, “make sure it feels right for you” and “do whatever makes you happy.” When we view our relationship with Jesus strictly from these vantage points, it is likely we’re not going to go really deep with Him. The reason I say that is there are times when you just don’t desire time with Jesus. I don’t desire vegetables when I wake up. I do find that the more I eat vegetables, the more I like them. I think desiring time with Jesus can be like that. Sometimes, you have to force feed yourself until you have an appetite.

3. Becoming more like Jesus is a sign of a deep relationship with Jesus. I became dissatisfied with the depth of my relationship with Jesus. I kept making promises to myself that I would go deeper. If we are only obedient for the sake of obedience, we won’t become more like Jesus. If we desire time with Jesus, but don’t give ourselves time with Jesus, we most likely won’t become more like Jesus. But if we continually seek Jesus, we will gradually become more like Jesus.

Which area do you find to be the most difficult in your relationship with Jesus? What are some other signs of a deep relationship with Him?


4 thoughts on “Going Deeper with Jesus

  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve been wrestling with similar issues lately related to wanting something more in my relationship with Jesus…and with change, as related to your previous post. Interestingly enough, this post actually ties into this past week’s Perspectives lesson, “Unleashing the Glory”. Joining Perspectives has helped quench the thirst that comes with wanting to broaden and grow deeper in my relationship with Christ somewhat, but I still want more…and it’s ok. It’s a sign of point #2: desiring time with Jesus. As I read this post, I saw three points you outlined as part of a revolving triangle whereas each point leads into the next, except I would rearrange the numbers a little where: desiring time with Jesus leads to becoming more like Jesus, which leads to obedience- a mark of spiritual maturity and sign of a deep relationship with Christ. As this triangle cycles, it spurs others to start spinning their own triangle creating a mechanical movement similar to the gears on a clock. This is similar to the original model set forth by Christ when he was giving the mandate of the Great Commission. I do not have it all figured out and I definitely have a long way to go with all three of the points above, just like everyone else, but maybe this illustration helps give a slightly different perspective.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I might be referencing this in my current homework assignment.

  2. Very interesting and convicting thoughts. The most difficult for me is fulfilling the desire to spend more time in study and prayer with Christ and God and the Word. I have the desire but many times the cares of this old world take center place and i neglect – even though I have the Word right at my fingertips.

    This next thought could come under “Becoming more like Christ” but it seems to stand out almost alone and it is a direct command – “To love one another as I have loved you.” I am not to love in word only. It is so easy to say “I love that person”; “I do not wish him any ill will”; “I pray for God to Bless that person – whether it be neighbor, friend or enemy”; but do my actions show that I love? Do I really care for his soul; his well being enough to provide food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc.? It is so easy to say “Depart in peace and be warm or be fed or be clothed and do nothing.” That is not love.
    Oh yes, I understand obedience because He gave His Son and His Son gave His life – but do I really if I do not MAKE the time to commune with Him in prayer and dwell in His word and to become like Him in love.

  3. I think the next step for someone desiring a deeper relationship with Jesus is to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with evidence of speaking in tongues. This will cause one to to grow deeper without a doubt.,.because regularly practiced….the Spirit within you is praying for you. He knows what it takes for you to grow deeper in love with Jesus. I have never ever grown so much as after I received it. It is a gift available to any child of God who wants it.


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