7 Reasons To Be More Teachable

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is teachability. If you don’t learn, you won’t get better. Without meaning to go in this direction, we can quickly be sideswiped by the ever-present EGO. Your pride can limit your learning. If you want to grow, the best way to do this is to posture yourself to being teachable. However, you may not be convinced. Today, I want to encourage you with 7 reasons you should be teachable.


1. Being teachable broadens your perspective. We actually know far less about the universe, the world, and even other people than we think we know. A mind that is passionate about learning will expand in knowledge quickly.
2. You gain more friends when you’re teachable. Every encounter has something to offer for you. You are not the one with “knowledge to loan”, but you are able to learn from all. One of the greatest leaders I know chose to be as open to learning from a 3 year old as he is an 83 year old. He isn’t too big to learn from anyone.
3. You will lead better. When you know what you don’t know, you can surround yourself with the people who do know what you don’t know. If you only know what you’ve always known, then you won’t effectively lead people to be able to use their full potential and leadership. The law of the lid is present in this.
4. You become a more interesting person. Let’s face it. If you don’t learn, you will begin to sound like a broken record. One of my friend’s is continually reading and stretching his mind. Because he is a constant learner, he is a fascinating person to be around.
5. You are able to consistently add value. The more that you consistently add value to other people, the greater your influence will become. Soon, you won’t have to seek out situations to add value in. People will come to you.
6. You will be more calculated in your decisions. The more you read, listen, question, and learn, the more your worldview expands. You are less likely to be fooled, ride the highs and lows of a new philosophy, and become more solid in your thinking. You don’t have to make a decision about what you learned right now. Instead, you can stay on task with what you are working to accomplish and review your new understanding with your mission. Proverbs says, “Be quick to listen, slow to speak.”
7. You are more prepared to create for the future. When you open your mind to people who are experts in other areas, experts in your area, or simply put — wiser than you, then you have a greater perspective to draw from in going forward.

Teachability prepares you for an excellent journey. Posturing your heart and mind to receive truth will help sustain you on the journey. Every time you learn, you add value to yourself. You also have the ability to add that value to others generating more positive influence in their lives.

What are other reasons you find it important to be teachable?


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Be More Teachable

  1. Great post, and so true! I had an HR Director once tell me, “Never stop learning. When you stop learning, you’re dead.” Although he was talking about career/professional development, it is also very applicable to personal development and is probably the best advice I’ve ever been given. Being teachable expands your worldview and helps you explore new ideas, and even find new passions. Sometimes we are afraid to learn and be open to new experiences because it might forces us out of our comfort zones, but sometimes the only way we can truly learn is to break down the barriers, conquer our fears, and try something new. It’s like when you were a child and your parents made you eat all of your vegetables, saying, “you’ll never know if you like it or not unless you try.” Being teachable means allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to failure. This is probably the biggest hurdle for many, especially those with “perfectionistic complexes”. It humbles us. How will you ever be able to teach anyone else if you aren’t teachable yourself?

    One of the most important characteristics of leadership that is often overlooked is being teachable. At the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast last week, John C. Maxwell asked, “How do we lead simply?”, and followed with a list of four ways, which correspond to a few listed in your post above:
    1) ADD value to people everyday. (Leadership is influence. Increase influence, expand leadership.)
    2) SUBTRACT leadership land mines. (What are your leadership land mines?)
    3) MULTIPLY your strengths by developing them. (You have power in the influence of your strengths.)
    4) DIVIDE your weaknesses by delegating them. (Don’t fail to realize that others already know your weaknesses.)

    Break out of the comfort zone, lead simply, and never stop learning.


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