What Are Your Plastic Donuts?

I became friends with Jeff Anderson last April when I heard him teach at a leadership conference on “Praying, Fasting, and Giving.” Jeff’s ministry, Acceptable Gift is about living and giving from God’s perspective. Getting to know Jeff has changed my life. That is part of why I am so excited to share Jeff’s new book, Plastic Donuts with you. Before I tell you a few of the things I love about his new book, click the link below and check out the trailer for Plastic Donuts.

Plastic Donuts Trailer

Plastic Donuts

Here are two of my takeaways from the book:

1. Our Gifts Can Please God. When we give with faith, God takes notice of our gifts. When we give with the desire to show God how much we love Him, we see from the Bible that God is pleased with our gifts. God looks at us from the heart of the Father, and when we trust Him with our giving, He is delighted. We can please God with our gifts. At the same time, we can withhold our best from God. When we do, it costs us the delight of the Father in our lives. Giving with delight will delight God’s heart.

2. When It Comes To Our Gifts, We Determine The Amount. You and I could get locked into a certain level of giving, and just remain there. We could also open our hearts to the joy of giving more and more to God. Instead of viewing giving from a place of “have to”, giving is much better when it comes from a place of “want to.” Giving can be, and hopefully will be fun for us. We get to give. So when we determine the amount, we can experience the joy and freedom of giving from a place of love.

Jeff goes deeper into giving that I’m touching on with these two points, and he writes in an engaging way. When you read Plastic Donuts, your life will be changed. You can order Plastic Donuts on Amazon, pick it up at your local Christian bookstore, or pick up a copy at Acceptable Gift.

What do you think are important things to keep in mind when you are giving?



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