Plastic Donuts – Video Interview

Yesterday was the release date for my friend Jeff Anderson’s book, Plastic Donuts. (This blog would have debuted yesterday, but it was not a day of celebration for my state of Oklahoma. Celebrating is not the word today either, but I do hope this encourages you in giving to people in need. That is why I want to share part one of a three part video series with Jeff.) Leave a comment with your thoughts on the video to be one of five people chosen to receive a free copy of Plastic Donuts signed by Jeff.


5 thoughts on “Plastic Donuts – Video Interview

  1. I love the way he explains the “aha moment” as how our gifts effect God! So many times, we focus on how our gifts will be “blessed by God” for our own initiatives. From a child to a father, so our gifts should be to our Father! I look forward to diving in to this book! It’s time for me to have a shift of personal vision and outlook! Thanks for sharing!

  2. He’s right. We usually equate gift giving with an amount instead of how/if it matters to us. In the interview, Jeff said, “if it matters to us, it matters to God”. I never really thought about it from that perspective before.

  3. All we have is God’s anyway. It’s his to give away. Jeff has taught me to hold my things loosely and give freely.


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