The Most Important Step You Take

What you do today matters. If you are in a mundane situation, that can sometimes be hard to believe. You want your day to matter. You want your life to matter. Maybe you’re like me, and you have days when it feels like you are not making a difference on this planet. If you have enough of those days, you can start questioning your purpose, and struggle to find meaning in life. I know I’ve been there.

I’m discovering a new secret as of late. Today can have far more impact than I previously believed. Now, I hope that I impact others in a positive way each day, but I don’t get to choose the impact I have. I only get to choose how I will do what I do. As Andy Stanley says, “It is not my responsibility to fill your cup. It is my responsibility to pour myself out.” I can’t control whether or not someone accepts kindness, love, or smile. What I can control is what I give which is where this new secret I’ve learned comes in to play. And that secret is,

The most important step is the next step you take. 

I think it is easy to think about the steps we’ll take someday. Or the steps we would take if we were in someone else’s shoes. The problem with looking at everyone else’s steps or even obsessing over our future steps is that those are not our steps today. We don’t get to live in anyone else’s shoes. We walk in our own shoes.

The way to make a greater impact in life is to go after the dream in your heart. The way to go after the dream in your heart is by taking the next step. Even if you’re not making the impact you want to be making today, you can impact the way you will do things in the future by taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by today to get better. I believe every day I’m either getting better or I’m getting worse. And I want to get better. Don’t let the mundane nature of things in your life make your life mundane. Seize today!

Yes, you could easily get lost in daydreams, check out from reality, from the pain, joy or opportunity in this moment. Keep the dream in your heart alive by walking towards it. The only way you walk towards your dream is by giving thought to your next step.

If you want to lose weight, but you don’t have any momentum in that direction, then go for a short walk, or a light run. 

If you want to build a bridge with a friend, start forgiving them in your heart, and set up a time to meet with them. Or maybe you need to ask them to forgive you.

If you want to grow closer to God, schedule a daily minute to pray or listen to His Word.

There is no need to burden yourself with running a marathon in a day. Get a goal before your eyes, and a plan in place. Then take your next step to get to what you want.

Give serious thought to the next step you want to take. Then go ahead and step. And keep stepping. I believe as you do, you will find your next step is the most important step you take.


2 thoughts on “The Most Important Step You Take

  1. Thanks David. I seem to keep stepping in mud. Just kinda stick in place for a bit. Glad to be reminded the importance of the next step and glad I still take it. Striving for the momentum of motion.

  2. David you are truly amazing. Just waiting for your next step to see where this God given talent is going to lead you. The blog was spot-on. I wish I had understood this when I was your age.


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