Who Matters?

It seems like every year, there are more blogs and articles about New Years Resolutions (NYR) than ever before. People seem to divide into three groups over NYR.

Group 1: Love making NYR. They announce their NYR proudly, and then start working on their NYR.

Group 2: They make NYR because they have a friend or family member who says they should. They don’t care about making NYR but they do it to avoid getting into a lecture on the power of setting goals and making resolutions.

Group 3: They hate NYR. They are they usually only speak about their hatred for NYR when someone from Group 1 is talking about their resolutions or when someone from Group 2 is explaining how they avoided the lecture.

Whether you’re Group 1, 2 or 3, I want to share something that I hope is encouraging to you today. And what I’m sharing revolves around this whole process.

Some people set themselves up to do a lot of things, some people go along with things in life to avoid the lecture or argument, and some people aren’t for very much, but they are against a lot of things. Without intending to do so, you can easily find yourself constantly in one of those three groups. You could rename the groups:

1. Doing.
2. Avoiding.
3. Against.

Some people are always doing a new thing. Some people are always avoiding difficult things. Some people aren’t for something, they’re just
against a lot of things.

So what am I sharing? A simple truth that is forgotten amidst all the doing, avoiding, pointing and fighting

You matter.

You are more important than the resolutions you make, fake or hate. You matter. You bring value to the table. You have gifts to share. You have love to give.

You can make life all about the things you do or the people you please or the battles you fight.

I want to encourage you to take a few moments and reflect on who you are. Step back from all the things you do, avoid, or fight. Who are you? Even if you don’t know, I can tell you this one secret.

You matter. You can bring the value. You can live great adventures. But the greatest adventures don’t begin with all the things you do.

Instead the greatest things begin when you recognize that you matter. And because you matter, what you do, avoid or fight matters as well.

So who are you? What are you about? You matter.


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