What If?

I heard Don Miller say the most powerful question you can ask someone is, “What if?” This is the making of great stories. 

“What if something good, true and right happened to the wrong that exists?”

It might also be the question that is holding you back more than anything else in your life. You might want to make a move, but your afraid how that will affect people in your life. For instance, these thoughts might wander into your mind in response to a big “what if” question.

“What if I leave my current job, and start my own business?” 

That question can energize you and free you, inspire you and fill you with hope. Your mind might give that thought this response.

“What if you can’t turn a profit? What if your friends tell you that you’re stupid because it didn’t work out? What if my family looks down on me because you’re not good enough to make it work? What if your co-workers are hurt that you left them? What if you fail?”

Have you ever been afraid to move forward because of what might happen? Fear is a tricky thing. It feeds on your dreams, desires, and hopes like a tiger feeds on its prey. However, it doesn’t actually exist. I mean, it does exist because in your mind, fear represents things going completely wrong. But your fear isn’t an actual reality. It’s something in your mind. 

Here’s a little secret I hope frees you up. They don’t care. Who doesn’t care? Those people you may be afraid of disappointing, letting down, or hurting because you move forward with your life. 

They’re going to be okay. The people you are afraid of failing in front of don’t care that much. I mean, they don’t want you to go do something stupid and lose a limb, get HIV, or go into a deep depression. But they’re really not that worried about you. You hear their voices talking in your head a lot more than they talk about you. 

What if they actually do care a lot? That is no reason for you to put your life on freeze. You have too much to offer and too much to share. Don’t settle because you’re afraid of how they’ll respond. 

What if you lived your dream? What if you did what was in your heart? What if you lived with courage? What would that be like?


2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. That is such a great truth! Fear has kept me from doing so many things! Gotta follow God, your heart, and trust in Him. Nothing else matters. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. dear brother,
      greetings to you in the name of lord jesus Christ.
      brother,here uppugunduru and sourroundings I am doing of god’s work is going very well.
      on sunday the worship was done very well brother.monday we have been conducted a thanks giving prayer at pedaganjam.
      that meeting was also done very.so please pray for my doing of god’s work.we always pray for your good health and your family members.
      convey my best wishes to you and the congregation.
      in Christ,
      u.vijay kumar.


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