10 Reasons You Should Hate Buzzfeeds Too

I took a hiatus a year ago from Facebook. I went from July to December. When I got back on Facebook, something had taken over the Newsfeed. I didn’t know what it was called. I just knew that all of a sudden, people were sharing posts like “21 Things You Didn’t Know About Monkeys Falling In Love.” Turns out these posts generally came from a source called Buzzfeed. Most of the time, I could pass on the Buzzfeed. When it talked about the monkeys falling in love, I had to click on the link. “Maybe,” I thought, “there is a reason people share these. Maybe I have something to learn from these monkeys.” I was let down. After seven months of scrolling through my newsfeed, I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate Buzzfeed. Here’s why:


1. Buzzfeeds empty your bank account for the day. On Buzzfeed, you are not paying for the information with the currency of cash, but with the currency of time. Buzzfeeds create an “infinite loop” (okay it’s not quite infinite, but it could feel like it later in the day) of Buzzfeeds by giving you 5 to 10 more Buzzfeeds to read at the end of each post. Which wouldn’t be a problem, if the information was really worth your time. No offense, but is that post about “21 Cute Things Cats Do” worth your time? Imagine yourself, five years ago watching yourself staring at a screen today looking at posts and pictures about cats all day. Buzzfeed empties your “time bank account.”

2. Buzzfeeds recycle and reframe information. It really isn’t a new article about relationships this time. It’s the same article, but the order of information is the same. You may feel like you’re learning something new, when you’re really just re-reading the post from last week.

3. Buzzfeeds equates information with change. This is why you’re able to click the share button, and place the ever-important Buzzfeed on Facebook. Did that post about “7 Ways You Can Tell If He Likes You” really change anything in your life? Did you forget it two days later? I know, it’s tempting to share the link and say, “This will change your life! Soooo amazing!!”

4. Buzzfeeds teach you to be a mile wide and an inch deep. When you read a Buzzfeed, it gives you a certain number of things you should know about a subject. Then, there are the other links at the end of the article that are about other subjects. It takes away your ability to focus on something for a sustained period of time. Buzzfeeds scratch the surface of a paradigm or idea, but there is little depth on that subject.

5. Buzzfeeds make you feel like you’re an expert in an area. How do they do this? Because they write as the specific answer to a problem, or the information you don’t have yet. Now, let’s be frank about this. Most people writing Buzzfeeds are not experts in the field they are writing in. They are experts in getting you to click on their link though.

6. Buzzfeeds make you feel like you did something when you only read something. This is part of the share button phenomenon. Sharing a post makes you feel like you have more skin in the game than you actually do. Sharing a post about “10 Reasons People Need Clean Water” is not the same as giving of your time, finances and creativity to help people have clean water.

7. Buzzfeeds work harder on the list than the content. These writers know that you like lists. They know that you feel like you understand a subject better when you can go back to a numbered order.

8. Buzzfeeds keep you from reading something that took time to write. Most authors take a long time to actually write a book. Many put their bones and marrow into it. When you read something that someone poured their soul into, it’s more likely to do something to affect your life.

9. Buzzfeeds are too easy. Your mind works like a muscle. You won’t get stronger in the gym, if you don’t pick up something with more weight. It is fine to start with small weight, but if you want your muscles to build, you’ll increase in weight. If you want your mind to get stronger, read some things that are harder to read. Make yourself focus.

10. Buzzfeeds help you become frustrated. We derive meaning from many things, but rarely will an intellectually shallow diet provide any person with meaning. Instead, you’ll become more frustrated. You’ll be frustrated that what you read doesn’t really change you for the better, and you’ll be frustrated by wasting your time on Buzzfeeds.



3 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Hate Buzzfeeds Too

  1. These are only your opinions and perceptions based on what YOU think. And to be a “man of god”, you use the word hate so carelessly. This is number 4 of my “top 10 reasons why I don’t care for christianity.”

    Arrogance. To sit here and see you tell others how they should feel about buzzfeed is well…needless to say, horse dung when just by writing this blog you are distracted by buzzfeed. So distracted infact, you had to write a blog about it. What YOU think is best for some, isn’t always the best for them. Only they can decide that.

    My number 3 is hypocrisy.
    To claim a faith of love but yet you say we should hate something. Your god apparently created everything and everyone so anything that we do on this earth has some essence of divinity so therefore, something good should be able to be taken from everything, but yet you say we should hate it because you were let down by some monkeys falling in love. If you cant find what you’re looking for in where you’re looking, you’re either looking in the wrong place, or not looking hard enough. But, to sit here and say we should hate something because you didn’t get what you wanted out of it but preach of love, well….

    1. Hey Pat,

      Thanks for chiming in on the blog. I understand you disagree, and I think you have interesting perspective on it. I wanted to share a few thoughts since you took the time to respond to me.

      On the matter of God, love and hate, I agree that I claim a faith of love. I believe God wants us to love God and love people. I do not think this means that I need to love everything, although I do try to love everyone. When I looked up hate in the dictionary, the definition was, intense passionate dislike. Is it wrong to strongly dislike something, or share that I dislike something? I hope not. In fact, your thoughts on what you dislike or “don’t care for about Christianity” allowed me to reflect on my own life. Yes, I love people. Yes, I dislike buzzfeed. However, I do not hate people who write buzzfeeds, read buzzfeeds, or share buzzfeeds on Facebook. Also, Pat, I have love for you, and as always in the past, you are always welcome in my house and to hang out with me.
      Calling me arrogant is a fair shot. I don’t seek to be arrogant, but I am strongly opinionated and that can come across as arrogant. As to the arrogance of telling people what to think, a couple of things I thought I would share are these. First, I wrote this as a satirical piece using the same format as a Buzzfeed to talk about Buzzfeeds. When I do write about Buzzfeeds, I tell my own story in coming to strongly dislike Buzzfeeds. Do I think people are going to stop reading Buzzfeeds because I wrote a blog about it? I doubt people care what I think. However, this is a blog, and I do state my opinions here. Most of the time, I try to be encouraging. This time, I went for ironic, and was hoping to make people laugh while considering a few thoughts about the nature of Buzzfeeds. I’m sorry this bothered you, and I understand if you do not want to read it. I’m not hurt if you disagree with me altogether.
      Finally, I hope you’re doing well, Pat. I haven’t talked to you in a while. Like I said earlier, you’re welcome to hang out with me. I think you’re a creative, talented person who can play hoops. Take care, bro.

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